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29 October 2005
Puddle Jumper Convention

My first ever event, Puddle Jumper One convention with Rainbow Sun Francks, Torri Higginson, Alexis Cruz and Julie Caitlin Brown. What a great first experience, many new friendships were created as well as memories. The Evil Vegemite Girls were born and a new tradition created.

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16 June 2023
Meeting Christian

Last Saturday I decided to go out and meet Christian O’Connell, who is a radio presenter on The Christian O’Connell Show which I listen to often in the truck. Meeting Christian was an great experience and the significance of this was a breakthrough in my recovery.

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10 July 2021
Back to Event

I attended my first event in two years and it felt amazing. I have been in a bit of a slump lately, feeling quite flat and attending this event and seeing my amazing con family. It gave me the boost I so desperately needed. I feel so rejuvenated and reminded of how much love, fun, friendship and memories I have with these people.

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31 December 2020
2021 A New Year

What a year 2020 has been, I know that many people have struggled through the changes the world as a whole has gone through. This year will definitely be one that I will never forget and I’m sure a lot of people can say the same thing. I’m happy to be putting this year behind me, here’s to 2021.

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14 February 2019
Carmen Argenziano

Farewell Carmen It is with a heavy heart that I write this post, I learnt on Monday morning that Carmen Argenziano had passed away. It has been an emotional few days, as I remember some of the special moments I had with this amazing man. A wonderful gentleman who made you feel comfortable and important […]

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14 June 2018
Balloon Friends

Attending Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2018, spending time with good friends and catching up with actors. Like Corin Nemec who I haven’t seen in a while. Having a good time and enjoying myself, with funny photos, great conversations, balloon aliens and best friends.

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24 April 2018
Fun Antics

Attending Melbourne Supanova 2018, hanging out with friends and making memories. Meeting amazing guests and making them laugh through funny photo antics. Getting autographs and wandering around and exploring. Another great weekend.

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19 November 2017
Origin Story

This is my origin story, the tale of how I entered the fandom world. When I first watched Stargate, and attended a convention. When I met Amanda for the first time. The community I found and the lifelong friendships that have been formed and a thank you to all those who’ve joined me on my journey.

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21 August 2017
Marvel Mega Fan

Attending Oz Comic Con in Melbourne with a Marvel Mega Fan pass, weekend entry and a collection of Marvel goodies. Dressed in nostalgic ’60s costumes and enjoying time with friends and creating more memories. An enjoyable weekend with some mingling and spending.

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3 May 2017

Attending Supanova in Melbourne, with friends. Reminiscing over past events, our friendships, and all the things that we have accomplished. Meeting celebrities, getting photos and autographs. Catching up with friends and enjoying a wonder around the even and making some purchases.

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12 February 2017
Smeg Heads

First event of 2017, with the boys from the Dwarf. Another brilliant Red Dwarf event, these guys are always an absolute blast and they create a brilliant atmosphere. There is always so much laughter happens when they are entertaining us with their stories and antics.

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15 June 2016
Fun Times at OCC

Attending OCC Melbourne, spending time with friends and creating amazing memories. Getting entertaining and amusing photos with brilliant actors. Wearing costumes and meeting new people. Spending time within our great community of friends and family.

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19 April 2016
Friends & Costumes

Attended the Supanova event on the weekend, I brought a friend along who had never attended an event before. Saw some great costumes, spent time with friends and explored the venue. Saved my money this time, didn’t buy any photos or autos and nothing at the exhibition stalls.

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2 February 2014
Smeg Heads Return

Another Red Dwarf event in Melbourne, with Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules, Hatty Hayridge and Mac McDonald. A very fun and entertaining event, with so much laughter. Looking after Danny and having a good time, making more amazing memories.

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15 April 2013
Helping Out

Helping out friend Dennys Ilic at Supanova in Melbourne. Good times with good friends and the return of Invisible Brad. Wearing my Stargate costume, met and got a photo with Sam J. Jones.

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4 February 2013
First SmegCon

First ever Red Dwarf event, very exciting to meet some of the boys from the Dwarf. Craig Charles, Robert Llewellyn and Danny John-Jules, hilariously entertaining men. Another fantastic event with great guests and good friends, meeting newbies to events and just having a laugh.

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