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6 November 2017
20 Years of Stargate

Yesterday I attended a Stargate event held here in Melbourne, this event named Return to the Gate was to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of when Stargate SG-1 first started. For this event we had three members of the original SG-1 team cast Richard Dean Anderson (RDA), Amanda Tapping and Michael Shanks with the addition of […]

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8 March 2010
Stargate & Richard Dean Anderson

This event was the first Stargate specific convention that had been run in a while, unfortunately it was also a rather memorable event but for all the wrong reasons. The event was chaotic, one of the worse events I have ever attended – the previous day a hail storm had hit Melbourne and did a […]

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26 August 2020
Thank you – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I wrote this blog post the week that the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. finale aired, but the day it did air was the same day we said goodbye to Zac one of my cats and I couldn’t bring myself to watch the episode or post this but here it is a couple of weeks later. It’s […]

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22 May 2020
Alphabet Themes

With the current state of the world my colleagues and I have been working from home, same as a lot of people throughout the country and world, this is a crazy time and something that noone was prepared for. To makes things a little easier and to have a little bit of fun my work […]

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14 February 2019
Remembering Carmen Argenziano

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post, I learnt on Monday morning that Carmen Argenziano had passed away. It has been an emotional few days, as I remember some of the special moments I had with this amazing man, a wonderful gentleman who made you feel comfortable and important no matter […]

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19 November 2017
My Origin Story into the Fandom World

This is my origin story, the tale of how I got into this amazing world of fandom and convention attending, people who know me well have probably heard this story before but I don’t think I have ever actually written it up for the world to read at least not in as much detail – […]

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15 June 2016
Costuming & Fun Photos

Over the weekend I attended Oz Comic Con Melbourne another yearly event that hits our city, this year the show was held at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre again. This particular show has been running for the least amount of time out of the Expo’s run in Melbourne and I have attended the events […]

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15 June 2014
Whirlwind trip to meet Ming-Na

This was a whirl wind trip to meet Ming-Na but having recently become a huge Agents of SHIELD fan I could not pass up the opportunity when I saw she was coming to Australia so I made it work. I had to work the Sunday morning until 7am, went straight to the airport, got on […]

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21 October 2013
A Farscape Armageddon

This was another amazing event with a great guest line-up and a lot of fun memories were made, only the week before the event my dog had passed away so I was really looking forward to this event and being able to spend time with friends and con family and getting lots of friendly hugs. […]

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15 April 2013
Helping Out a Friend

Supanova Melbourne and another event spent helping my mate Dennys Ilic sell his awesome photography, this time I spent the weekend dressed up in my Stargate SG-1 costume. There were some amazing guests at this event but I was doing my best to save money and not buy too much so the only thing I […]

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