A Chat with Gigi

9 November 2020

Introduction to Twitch

I have been enjoying watching the amazing Gigi Edgley lately, as she does her daily Twitch streams. I started watching back in August after we had to get Zac put down, it was a good distraction. A friend suggested I pop in and watch the streams and I was hooked. Especially in a time of lockdown, Twitch is a great way to keep yourself social.

Gigi Edgley

Gigi is such a lovely person and entertaining to watch. Her live streams are very entertaining to watch and she streams daily. She does streams where she is singing with her brother, Jake. There are other streams when she is watching and commenting on an episode of Farscape. My favourite streams though are the one’s where she plays games with her community. It’s hilariously entertaining and gives her followers a chance to join her.

A Spark in the Dark

This year has been a really hard and challenging one. Not only for me but for everyone, all over the world. I have just had a lot of grief to deal with this year. And even in normal circumstances that throws be around, so it’s even harder this year with the isolation. I am very thankful to have found the Gigi Twitch Tribe community. I have felt welcomed and at home with them from the first stream I joined. Everyone is so incredibly friendly, and there for you if you need a friend or just someone to talk to. I am honoured and proud to be a part of this beautiful community.

Chatting with Gigi

Once a week Gigi would have a Twitch Tribe Tribute Day, this was where she would speak on stream to a member of the Twitch Tribe and get to know them. On Monday the 2nd of November, I got to be her Twitch Tribe Tribute member of that week. I was due to have another surgery in a few days so I was stuck isolating after having my pre-surgery Covid test.

It was a good chat and fun to talk to Gigi again, I have met her several times in the past at different events and she remembered me from those events. Plus we had played games on several occasions on her stream. It was a good chat and I got to show off some of my artwork and photography. I also shared some of my celebrity experience stories as well. And sharing tales of times spent with others in her Twitch tribe such as MonkeyBum aka Ashley.

**POST EDIT: Unfortunately the link to the video of my chat with Gigi is no longer available, sorry.

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