A Night with Chris Judge

24 April 2008

An interesting event and different from all others this was held in the middle of the week on a Wednesday night, the guests in attendance were Chris Judge and Gary Graham. Having paid a little bit extra for a VIP ticket it included some extra time before the main event started to mingle with the guests and I had the chance to speak with them both before allowing others too and just catching up with other friends in attendance. Unfortunately I hadn’t watched anything with Gary Graham in it so didn’t really know who he was, though he was very friendly to speak with. Peter was there with his camera though and happened to get some photos of us with mainly Chris, I remember for one photo I was standing to the side and just as the photo was getting taken I photobombed, sneaking in and jumping to sit on the ledge behind Chris Judge just as the flash went off.

I got two photos with Chris, one with just myself and another with two of my mates: Sarah and Nicole, Chris labelled us the Posse. Gary was first on stage and told some fun stories and enjoyed posing for us to take photos of him. Then it was time for Chris’ panel and it was rather entertaining to say the least and involved a lot of swearing. There was one lady in the crowd who asked a question on behalf of her daughter, Chris somehow got the mother to ring her daughter and when she answered Chris told her it was God speaking and then said it was Daniel Jackson, but the girl hung up and Chris turns around and says “She just hung up on God AND Daniel Jackson” After that and more questions Chris needed a bathroom break, but decided to take the microphone with him, luckily it went out of range.

When it came to wrapping up Chris’ panel Scotty had already spoken to me about getting him to try Vegemite, so this was my moment… When I handed over the tube he first asked if it was Lubricant, it took a bit of convincing but eventually we talked him into trying it, he wanted to try it on something and someone came up with a potato chip and pretty much everyone yelled out NO, too much salt! So he got a refill of scotch turns to Scotty and says “I’ve resisted this for 12 years” but he wasn’t leaving without a taste… so then he got the nerves up to taste it and his reaction was funny, he shook himself off then goes “It tastes like puke, after you’ve puked it!” and finished with “It’s a little salty… but after being up 12hours who isn’t?”

During autographs I got Chris to sign a photo from the 200th episode of him with Claudia, Ben and Michael dressed like the characters from The Wizard of OZ, he circled his crouch and wrote “Wow”. Sarah and I also gave Chris another reminder of Australia with an Australian cork hat which he was excited about and said he would wear to play golf. We hung around for a bit chatting with friends before heading off, it’s always great spending time with this amazing group of people and we always have a fun time.

Complete Guest List: Chris Judge and Gary Graham

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