Alphabet Themes

22 May 2020

With the current state of the world my colleagues and I have been working from home, same as a lot of people throughout the country and world, this is a crazy time and something that noone was prepared for. To makes things a little easier and to have a little bit of fun my work team have decided that everyday would be a new theme and that we would go through the alphabet from A-Z.

Unfortunately, I had time off at the beginning of the Alphabet so I had to merge my A to D themes together, but I definitely went all out with my themes and had a lot of fun doing it, although it was kind of exhausting and I was over it when it was completed but it was a good distraction from everything. Here are all my themes that I did from my ABCD day all the way to Z, which I went all out for and definitely had a lot of fun doing… fake blood is always fun even if messy and sticky!

Here’s a complete video of my A-Z themes for my themed meetings, although with a catchy tune that I used to share my themed costumes on social media.

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