Another Adelaide Adventure

19 March 2013

Another road trip over to Adelaide, this time I travelled on my own which was actually a lot better for me than the last trip which I did find quite odd but maybe it was because I didn’t need to stop as much and could go at my own pace. Although I still probably didn’t have the best sleeping plan set out I still managed it better, this time I worked an overnight shift and then drove over to Adelaide during the day time and then booked a backpackers place for the two nights so I got to sleep before the event like a sensible person.

I have a lot of amazing friends who live in Adelaide so the reason for going to these events hasn’t always been because of the guests but also the fact that I get to see and hang out with some amazing friends that I might not get to see that year otherwise. For this event though I also volunteered to help out the amazing photographer Dennys Ilic with a stall helping to sell some of his photography prints and the awesome Amanda Tapping photo book, it was such an amazing and fun weekend spent with so many great friends.

Other than working Den’s stall I did get away from it a bit here and there for things, such as going to get Richard Dean Anderson’s autograph on the photo I had taken with him three years previous, I also got a photo and an autograph from Emilie Ullerup where I got her to sign my ‘Rubber Rocks and Apple Boxes’ book, on the Saturday night I also attended a dinner with Emilie which was amazing, I went with my mate Michelle and we had an awesome time. Teryl Rothery also had a dinner and was only a table over, so we got to chat with her throughout the evening as well, it was great fun.

On the Sunday I also got my photo taken with Teryl because sometimes I’m just reminded how awesome some of these guests are and then I want more mementoes of times I’ve met them. Unfortunately though, with everything going on this day I completely forgot to collect my photo so I actually have no idea how it turned out and forgot to get in contact to get a copy of it, maybe one day I will get my hands on it.

I had an absolute blast at this event, my mate Cindy and I manned Den’s stall for him for the weekend and we had friends stopping by the say hello and catch up throughout the weekend it was amazing, and of course Den and Ken are as amazing as always even took us out for dinner after the event as a thank you. Then on the Monday morning I started the long treck back home, but this time I had the company of Cindy with me for the majority of trip.

Complete Guest List: Aaron Ashmore, Callum Blue, Colin Ferguson, David Nykl, Eddie Mcclintock, Emilie Ullerup, Jason Momoa, Jed Brophy, J.G Hertzler, Patricia Quinn, Paul Mason, Richard Dean Anderson, Robert O’Reilly, Teryl Rothery, William Shatner, Chris Sabat, Paul Eding, Andrew Constant, David Yardin, Douglas Holgate, Emily Smith, KJ Taylor, Jason Palmer, Jon Sommariva, Justin Randall, Matthew Clark, Nicola Scott, Paul Mason, Sean Williams, Stewart Mckenny, Tristan Jones, Bruce Mutard and Wolfgang Bylsma.

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