Another Interstate Adventure

7 March 2011

I enjoyed the Sydney Armageddon event so much that I just had to get myself to the Adelaide event, unfortunately flights were a little bit expensive so I decided to road trip across and managed to find a friend to come with to save some cost. This was my first road trip to Adelaide, who knew it was the first of many trips. My friends and I continued on the theme from the previous weekend with many mentions of Smurf’s and Smurfy goodness, it got way more detailed and much more hilarious.

I volunteered again for this event and had just as much fun as Sydney, I was again around the Media Guest area but also held the job of ‘Door Bitch’ as I called myself. This was the important job of holding the door open every time a guest needed a break outside the building for fresh air, the door locked from the outside whenever it shut so without me they would have all gotten locked outside. As boring as it sounds I liked this job because it gave me a great opportunity to chat to the guests, I especially got to chat to Colin Cunningham and Lance Hendriksen a lot and both again are such lovely gentlemen.

I did manage to attend the Rainbow Sun Francks and Colin Cunningham panel and I got another photo with Colin and Rainbow and got a photo with Lance as well. Gifts for the Geek had another aftermath function in Adelaide and this time Rainbow and Colin were there but there was not as much alcohol consumption this night as the previous weeks event. Still had a great time though. Early the next morning my travel buddy and I headed back home to Victoria, stopping via a wind farm because I love them.

Complete Guest List: Rainbow Sun Francks, Colin Cunningham, David Hewlett, Ryan Robbins & Karyn Baltzer, Christopher Heyerdahl, Karen Allen, John Rhy Davies, Lance Henriksen, Patricia Tallman, Laura Vandervoort, David Anders, Rene O’Connor, Hudson Leick, Paul Eiding, Mela Lee, Melodee Spevack, Kyle Hebert, Ami Cusack and James Clement.

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