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19 October 2009

Armageddon Expo 2009 – Another year another great show with so many memories made, what a great group of guests with Seth Green and the Robot Chicken guys, a few of the Stargate boys plus more. I was rather excited this year because not only was the weekend going to be great it was also the beginning of my two weeks off work – Perfect way to start a break, with a fantastic event.

Starting off the weekend with another awesome cocktail party, what a blast! My most memorable moments are when I met Noah Gray-Cabey and his Mum Whitney, such a fun lady – I remember her commenting that I would make a good partner for her older son so for the rest of the weekend she was calling me her Aussie daughter-in-law, it was a bit of fun and we had a lot of laughs. Meeting Seth Green was fantastic too, I was quite surprised when I first saw him of just how small he is but he’s such a lovely guy as are the other two guys as well.

The biggest downside to this event has to be Jason Momoa – I was never that much of a fan of his Stargate Atlantis character as no matter what I will always love Rainbow Sun Francks as Ford more. Anyway meeting Jason was a disappointment, he was rude and arrogant and nothing changed over the weekend. He was not only rude and ignorant to myself but other friends and even attendees as well. I know other people have had great experiences with him and good for them, unfortunately my first was not very good and will always stick with me. I got an autograph from him but had no interest in getting a photo or anything else after his attitude problem – This is one of the only times I have had such a bad time with an event guest.

This year I had a different job to do and it was being the microphone runner for the main stage, my first guest up for a panel was Gigi Edgley from Farscape, unfortunately no one turned up to introduce her for her panel and I was getting up the nerves when she just decided to introduce herself and her panel was a hoot, such a lovely lady. Whenever any of the Stargate actors were up there were interruptions from the other Stargate actors, it was entertaining to say the least. Then when it came to Seth and the Robot Chicken guys Seth decided it would be easier to just have anyone with questions line up so I didn’t have to run around as much, how very nice of him! One moment I remember the most with Seth on stage was when someone asked for a hug and Seth leant down off the stage to hug him and asked Matt and Tom to hold him back so he wouldn’t fall off.

This year was also the first time I had seen the Back to the Future Display which included a DeLorean, so being a Back to the Future fan I just had to get myself a photo with it and the owner Doc Braun who was dressed up in costume as Doc Brown. It’s amazing to see how much effort people go to with things like these, the young me was very happy being able to see a real DeLorean, even if it isn’t one that can actually travel through time.

All up the weekend was fantastic and I had a brilliant time and make lifelong memories… I only got photos with two of the Stargate guys this year Christopher Heyerdahl and Paul McGillion. Seth green along with Matt and Tom were nice enough to offer all Armageddon volunteers a photo with them so I definitely took them up on the offer and kinda love my signed photo. The ‘We did it’ speech bubble was in relation to surviving the weekend and all those Q&A’s – all three of them were great guys and an honour to meet.

Complete Guest List: Joe Flanagan , Paul McGillion , Jason Momoa, Christopher Heyerdahl, Noah Gray-Cabey, Cameron Bright, Bronson Pelletier, Gigi Edgley, Seth Green, Matt Senreich, Tom Root, Greg Cipes, Travis Willingham, Laura Bailey, Sean Schemmel, Dante Basco, Olivia Hack, Peter David, Nicola Scott, Greg Rucka, Matthew Clark and Bill Sienkiewicz.

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