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19 October 2009

Armageddon 2009

Another year another great Armageddon, with so many memories made. There was a great group of guests in attendance, such as Seth Green and the Robot Chicken guys. Plus several Stargate guests like Joe Flanagan, Paul McGillion, Jason Momoa and Christopher Heyerdahl. I was super excited for this event, not only because it was going to be great. It was the beginning of my two weeks off work and I was looking forward to the break.

Cocktail Party

The weekend started off like all Armageddon events, with a Friday night cocktail party. This night was an absolute blast, such a great time spent with all the awesome guests and friends. My most memorable moments are when I met Noah Gray-Cabey and his Mum, Whitney. She is such a lovely lady and a hoot to be around. She thought I’d make a good partner to her older son, so spent the weekend calling me her Aussie daughter-in-law. We had a lot of laughs over the weekend, it was all a bit of fun. Had an amazing time at the cocktail party, enjoyed the time spent with friends and meeting new guests.


The biggest disappointment of this Armageddon weekend had to be Jason Momoa, he was rude and arrogant. I was never a huge fan of his or his Stargate Atlantis character, I prefer Ford over Dex any day. Jason made a horrible first impression and his attitude did not improve over the weekend. My personal experience with him he was rude and ignorant, but I was not the only one who felt that way. A lot of friends had the same experience with him as did attendees. I remember a period of time when he was sitting at the autograph table playing guitar. Completely ignoring everyone coming up for an autograph.

I know that some other fans had good experiences with him as well, so he wasn’t horrible to everyone. Unfortunately, my first impressions of people tend to be what I remember the most. I still got an autograph from him on my Stargate BDU shirt, but that was all. I had no interest in getting a photo or anything else from him, especially not with that attitude problem. This is the only time I have had such a horrible experience with an event guest.

Additional Note: I have met Jason several times since this event and he has not come across as rude or arrogant. I have also heard many stories from other friends of how good their experiences have been. So I am not saying that he is a horrible person, that weekend might have just been a bad one for him.

Armageddon Volunteering

My job for this years event was a little different to previous Armageddon events. I was the microphone runner for the main stage. Meaning I had to run the microphone to the different attendees wanting to ask questions at the panels. One of the first panels for the day was Gigi Edgley from Farscape, unfortunately, no one turned up to introduce. I was trying to get the nerves up to do it myself but then she just got up on stage without an introduction. Her panel was a hoot and she was such a lovely lady to meet and speak to.

The Stargate guests were all hilarious and entertaining, but often got interrupted but the other Stargate guests. The venue was set up so the media guest area backed onto the main stage. Not the back of the stage area but the back of the seating section. They would often come in and grab the microphone from me to interrupt. It made it all that little bit more entertaining, everyone was enjoying it.

When it came to the Robot Chicken panel, Seth thought it would be easier to have everyone line up to ask questions. Wanted to save me from having to run around, didn’t bother me though. Someone asked Seth for a hug and when he bent down for the hug. He had Matt and Tom hold his belt, so he wouldn’t fall off the stage.


This year was also the first time I had seen the Back to the Future Display which included a DeLorean. Being the Back to the Future fan I am, I just had to get myself a photo with it. Got a photo with the owner “Doc” Braun who was costuming as Doc Brown. It’s amazing to see how much effort people go to with things like this. The young me was very happy being able to see a real DeLorean, even if it can’t time travel.

Photos and Autos

All up the weekend was fantastic and I had a brilliant time and made lifelong memories. I only got photos with two of the Stargate guests this year Christopher Heyerdahl and Paul McGillion. All of the volunteers at Armageddon this year were offered a photograph with the Robot Chicken guys. Seth Green, Tom Root and Matt Senreich were all amazing and I love how they autographed my photo with them. The ‘We did it’ speech bubble was in relation to surviving the weekend and all those panels. All three of them were great guys and an honour to meet, as were the Stargate guys.

Complete Guest List

Joe Flanagan , Paul McGillion , Jason Momoa, Christopher Heyerdahl, Noah Gray-Cabey, Cameron Bright, Bronson Pelletier, Gigi Edgley, Seth Green, Matt Senreich, Tom Root, Greg Cipes, Travis Willingham, Laura Bailey, Sean Schemmel, Dante Basco, Olivia Hack, Peter David, Nicola Scott, Greg Rucka, Matthew Clark and Bill Sienkiewicz.

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