Armageddon and Friends

3 November 2008

Armageddon time again and like last time I put my hand up to volunteer because it was such fun the last time, hectic but fun and worth doing again. This year we had different shirts to the bright orange of the first event, this time they were simple black shirts with the logo and ‘Staff’ on them. Clare and I were again paired together this year to look after the Comic Artists, which was DC artist Jim Lee and his amazing team: JJ Kirby, Sandra Hope, Livio Ramondelli, Joel Gomez, Eddie Nunez and Beth Sotelo.

Other guests in attendance this year were David Hewlett, Andee Frizzell, Kavan Smith, Gary Jones, Ernie Hudson, Doug Jones and more. Because there were three different guests who had been in Stargate: Atlantis there I brought my costume in to change into for photos with the actors. My mate Shona did a great job at a Wraith Queen Costume so on the Saturday afternoon we had a bit of fun doing a bit of a photoshoot in our costumes.

The Saturday night I had paid to attend the dinner with Andee Frizzell and what an amazing evening, we had a great chat and a good laugh over things. As the evening was finishing off all the different tables of fans and guests started mingling and chatting together and some of the actors even posed for photos with us and with each other. Andee and Doug Jones were very entertaining, Doug was such a gentleman what a sweet man as was Ernie Hudson.

I only managed to get to one panel over this weekend and it was Andee Frizzell’s and what a great panel it was. I decided to strike again with the Vegemite and it was brilliant. Andee tasted the Vegemite after I gave it to her and then goes “You were my favourite, but now you’re not” and then someone gave her some Mentos to get rid of the taste and they became her favourite. It was just a bit of fun and Andee was really amazing, such a great guest.

Over the weekend I got professional photographs with David Hewlett, Andee Frizzell, Kavan Smith, Gary Jones and Ernie Hudson… basically all the Stargate guests, I also got a big group photo with David Hewlett with fellow friends from the website Gateworld. Had to get a photo with Ernie hudson, not just because he was in Stargate but because he is a Ghostbuster and I’ll always be a Ghostbusters fan. Unfortunately I missed my photo opportunity with Ernie is his Ghostbusters costume but at least I got one with him and I also got one with Doug after the weekend was over, such a lovely guy he had no problem giving me a hug for a photo.

As always it was a lot of effort but also a lot of fun and it’s definitely worth the hard work because you make lasting friendships each year and get the opportunity to meet some lovely celebrities. It was an honour getting to work with Jim Lee and his team that were all lovely and although I am not that kind of artists I was always amazed at watching them sketch, they are all amazing artists and can sketch incredible images in such a short amount of time. I was in awe of their talent.

Complete Guest List: David Hewlett, Andee Frizzell, Kavan Smith, Gary Jones, Ernie Hudson, Doug Jones, Margot Kidder, Jim Lee, JJ Kirby, Sandra Hope, Livio Ramondelli, Joel Gomez, Eddie Nunez, Beth Sotelo, Johnny Bosche, Grey Delisle, Dave Wittenberg, Crispin Freeman and The Sandman.

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