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11 October 2020

Just for Fun

Here is a fun little video of me when I was three years old. Where I am singing a song, that sums up how we are all feeling about the current restrictions and lockdowns. The world has been a crazy place to live this year, so many changes in a short time. With things feeling so lonely it’s been hard to find the joy in things. That is why I wanted to share this video, to make you smile or laugh. I know it’s me and I’m bias, but it’s adorably hilarious. I especially love the little ‘wave to my fans’ at the end and the cheeky grin.

Video Origin

This video was recently sent to me by my brother. He found it when he was going through old photos and clips to put together for my Nan’s funeral. I am only around three years old in this and I’m sitting at the bench in my Grandparents house. Singing the lyrics from the song We Gotta Get Out of This Place by The Animals. The perfect song, or at least lyrics, to sum up how we have all being feeling lately. Stuck at home in covid restriction lockdowns.

We would have been at my Granparents house to celebrate their birthdays. My Pa’s birthday was the 7th July and my Nan’s was the 11th July. You can hear in the background other family around too. I don’t remember this moment myself, but it’s quite special to have this little video. I believe it was taken by my uncle, another reason that makes this special.

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