Birthday Stream

30 August 2021

Hey everyone, please come and join me for my birthday stream on Twitch!

Another year spending my birthday in lockdown, not being able to see friends or family and not being able to celebrate the way you normally would has made it neccessary to find other ways to celebrate, for me I thought it would be fun to stream so I have taken the day off work and will be doing my first ever 12 hour stream to celebrate. There will be fun, games, chats, a unicorn onesie and I will be auctioning off some of my artworks that have been completed on stream. The auction will start the day of my stream and will go for three days finishing during my scheduled Saturday stream.

You can check the auction at Birthday Auction when it is live.

These last two years have been rough and have definitely had it’s ups and downs, and lately I have been really struggling, I feel sad all the time and I don’t really know why or what the cause is other than possibly depression and I’m sure I am not the only person who feels that way, it’s hard on everyone. Sometimes it’s hard to admit that you’re struggling but unfortunaltey it is a part of life and everyone has their moments, maybe for me the nearing of my birthday has made the feel more depressed it has gotten worse over the years and being in lockdown and feeling isolated all the time does not help, but having this stream event to look forward to has really helped me to keep going.

On Saturday during my stream I had lots of laughs with CaptainXIT as we played No Man’s Sky and it was the first time I have laughed like that in a long time and it was amazing and now I am really excited about my birthday event and sharing it with friends and having a good laugh. I hope to see you all there and to spend my birthday with you all!!

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