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11 April 2011

Supanova in Costume

I recently attended the Supanova Melbourne event of 2011, dressed in costume and had fun with friends and the DeLorean. I wore my Stargate SG-1 costume Saturday and Stargate: Atlantis Sunday. I’m actually surprised that I was able to stay in costume all day, normally I only last a few hours. Especially with the Stargate costumes because they can be so heavy and bulky.

There were a few good guests in attendance, including Peter Williams and Jodelle Ferland. They had both been in Stargate and I hadn’t met either of them before. There were other guests I got to interact with other the weekend too. Specifically Tony Amendola, Tom Felton and Christopher Lloyd who were all great.


I got a photo with Peter on the Saturday in my SG-1 costume. I then got a photo with Jodelle on the Sunday in the SGA costume. Also spoke with my friend Shona who was dressed as Lara Croft and we had a photo idea with Peter. So we got our photo with Peter, Shona was bowing down while I was ‘shooting’. Peter’s face is brilliant in this photo, I love it.

Panels and Fun

I decided to attend Peter’s panel, I enjoyed listening to his answers to questions. He had some great stories to share which is entertaining and everyone had a laugh. I don’t really recall any specifics of the panel, I just know that it was enjoyable to attend. Peter is a really nice guy and a pleasure to meet.

Another guests in attendance was Tahmoh Penikett, he was also very nice to talk to. I went and got his autograph on my Stargate BDU shirt, since he’d been in an episode of SG-1. It was almost a joke as he had only been a background character and not in the episode for long. My plan has always been to get as many actors who’d been in Stargate to sign the shirt as possible.

Costume and DeLorean

I spent the majority of the event hanging around with friends from the costume group I’m apart of, SG-7. We were having a lot of fun mucking around and getting photos in our costumes. We especially enjoyed getting photos with the Back to the Future DeLorean. I especially loved when we were pretending to get run over by the DeLorean.

If you’re ever at an event and “Doc” Braun is there with his DeLorean, make sure you go and say Hello. He is an awesome guy and great to have a chat with. Plus his DeLorean and Back to the Future collectables are incredible.


The majority of the time at this event was spent hanging out with friends. Did some browsing of different stalls throughout the exhibition. I did talk to some of the actors as I queued with friends for autographs. I remember having a small chat with Tom Felton who was lovely. It was good to see Tony Amendola again too, hadn’t seen him since the event in 2007. Also spoke briefly with Christopher Lloyd, which was fantastic for the Back to the Future fan in me. I wish I could have afforded to get a photo or autograph with him.

I don’t have a whole heap of stories to tell from this event, I really just wanted to share all the fun I had. Especially with the costuming friends and the fun photos with the DeLorean.

Complete Guest List

Peter Williams, Jodelle Ferland, Tahmoh Penikett, Tom Felton, Tony Amendola, Greg Cipes, Tiffany Grant, Matt Greenfield, Christopher Lloyd, Mike McFarland, Yuko Miyamura and Ben Templesmith, Christopher Sequeira, Jon Sommariva, Kirby Krackle, Stewart McKenny, Chamba Cruz, Tom Taylor and Marianne De Pierres.

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