Farewell Zac

20 August 2020

The last couple of weeks have been emotional, and I appologise for the lateness of my post but it has taken me time to be able to talk about this and to write the words down. Last week I was already having an emotional week, the end of a show I love was nearing and I was feeling the emotions because sometimes you just get so attached – have written a seperate post about this.

Unfortunately the emotions only got so much stronger when on Thursday (a week ago) my poor boy Zac was really sick, he was in so much pain and I couldn’t do anything to help him. He went to visit the vet and we were given the news that there wasn’t anything they could do and the best option was to have him put to sleep. I’m thankfull that I was able to go and say my goodbyes to him, I wanted so much to cuddle him tightly and never let him go but he was in so much pain I couldn’t do that to him. I got to be there for him and to hold him as he peacefully went to sleep.

I have lost pets in the past, but nothing has ever hurt as much as this does, maybe it’s because I’ve had them since they were kittens, and they sleep with me and I’ve been stuck at home with them 24/7 for the last five months. I owe them so much for being my comfort and companions through this hard time, I’m trying to be strong for my girl Izzy who has never been apart from her brother until now, but I’ve still had my moments of weakness and have cried at least once a day since… life is different without Zac but we are managing.

Rest in Peace Zac, 01/11/2016 – 13/08/2020

I’ve been struggling with this lost and to help myself cope and to remember all the good times with my boy I made a sweet little farewell tribute video. I will love this little fluffy boofhead for ever, rest in peace and be free my beaituful boy.

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