Farscape Armageddon

21 October 2013


Another event with amazing guests, this years was a very Farscape Armageddon with Claudia Black, Ben Browder and Gigi Edgley in attendance. There were a lot of good memories made at this event, and I’m thankful because they were very needed. Only the week before the event, my dog Misty had passed away and I had been very emotional since. With this event I was very much looking forward to hugs from my friends. I was looking forward to spending time with friends and my con family.

Cocktail Party

As always with Armageddon, the events start with a Friday night Cocktail party. This years event used the same venue as last year, Bobby McGees, such a great space. I love that it has an amazing 60s/70s theme with old petrol bumps and diner designs. The cocktail party is always a great time and because I volunteer I like to introduce myself to the guests. As I generally end up working as a gopher/runner in the media guest area I like to make sure they know who I am if they need anything.

The cocktail party is always fun, I love chatting and catching up with all my amazing friends and chatting with actors too. There was a funny moment at the party when my mate Jen mentioned she wanted to talk to Claudia. At the stage Claudia was in a large group of people so I discreetly grabbed Jen and dragged her across the room. I pushed her into the group right next to Claudia and then disappeared, Jen was looking for me but I’d snuck away.

Many of my good friends were at this cocktail party and it was a great night. There was plenty of dancing, drinking and having a good time. Ty Olson and Rick Worthy were having a blast with everyone, dancing and having great fun. As a fan myself, I did take a moment to have a chat with Janet Varney. I adore her from The Thrilling Adventure Hour; she was incredibly lovely and sweet and a joy to chat to.

Claudia and Farscape

As mentioned I am generally a runner at these events and I was again this year. Normally I am running all over the place getting the guests drinks or sitting with guests whilst their minder is on a break. This year I ended up sitting with Claudia Black more than any of the other guests. The main reason was because Claudia is very fast at signing and her minder and I were the only ones that could keep up. Her minder for the weekend was my very good friend Clare, we have worked together at these events ever since the first Armageddon in 2008.

Sitting with Claudia meant that I got to sit next to Ben Browder too, luckily we already had a good rapport. Having met several times at different events and always had a good banter. Sitting nearby was also Gigi Edgley, so it was a very Farscape weekend. All three of these guests were amazing and lovely, it was awesome being able to spend time with them over the weekend.

Guest Moments

There were a lot of great guests at this event, I may have spent most of my time with the Farscape actors but I did mingle with others. I spent time with Norman Lovett, which was amazing for me as I’m such a huge Red Dwarf fan. Other guests I spent time with were Barry Bostwick, Rick Worthy, Ty Olson, Billy Boyd, and more.

I also got to have a really good chat with the comic writer Dan Slott. I was walking him through the venue when he mentioned being after a particular action figure. We decided to have a look around at some of the stalls whilst he shared stories from events he’s attended and people he had met. Luckily we were able to find the action figure he was looking for and he was very grateful. He even thanked me with a lovely tweet, one to which the organisers responded to. Sometimes it’s nice to be appreciated and these tweets made me feel pretty special and appreciated.

Photo Sessions

Throughout the weekend I did a few photos with the guests: Claudia, Janet and Norman. I had to get a photo with Claudia Black of course and in my Stargate costume. So I was doing my famous costume change behind the scenes. Janet happened to see me and she wanted to take photos of me in my costume. Love my photo with Claudia, she wanted to hold the P90 and I held the zat gun. Love my photo with Janet too, she was just too lovely. I also changed into my Smeg Head shirt for my photo with Norman Lovett.

Staff Party

This was another great event and I had a blast hanging with these amazing guests, friends and con family. On the Sunday evening after the event there was a staff after party as a thank you to all of the volunteers. It was a great way to wind down after the weekend and it’s always good spending time with friends.

Some of the guests were there as well, it’s nice that they felt like coming along as a thanks. Clare and I were just chilling at a table having a chat when Julia Caitlin Brown entered. She came straight over to us and thanked us for our assistance over the weekend with Claudia. I thought that was very nice of her and really appreciate her taking the time. I also got to have a chat with Ty and Rick, who are great guys and fun to chat with. It was a brilliant way to end the weekend.

Complete Guest List

Ben Browder, Claudia Black, Gigi Edgley, Evanna Lynch, Billy Boyd, Robbie Jarvis, Jason Carter, Dwight Schultz, Dean Stockwell, Norman Lovett, Tony Amendola, Barry Bostwick, Richard Hatch, Ian McNeice, Simon Fisher-Becker, Catrin Stewart, Christopher Ryan, Dan Starkey, Nina Toussaint-White, Ty Olsson, Rick Worthy, Kim Rhodes, Gregg Berger, Brian Bloom, Janet Varney, Kari Wahlgren, Patrick Seitz, Kevin Eastman, Dan Slott, Brent Anderson, Matt Melvin, Mark Rolston, Corey Feldman, Temuera Morrison, Nell Campbell and Richard Arnold.

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