First Interstate Expo.

1 March 2011

First time travelling interstate for an event, as Armageddon spread out from just Melbourne to include a Sydney and then Adelaide event. So with friends it tow we all met at the airport and flew up to Sydney together, booking a shared hotel room for the weekend to save costs and spend time together. When we arrived the day before the event we all decided to do some touristy things and did some Sydney site seeing such as visiting the Sydney Opera House and just chilling out together.

For this event I purchased a specialty Stargate pass but also volunteered to work as I love working these events, I guess working them keeps me busy and I love that, so I ended up being one of the queue minders in the media guest area which is always fun. Whilst working Lance Hendriksen’s manager gave me one of Lance’s ‘Not Bad for a Human’ shirts to wear advertising his book. Colin Cunningham was also wearing one of these shirts we even got a photo together in them and both Colin and Lance signed it. On the Saturday I managed to get to the Stargate panel with David Hewlett and Colin, both are a hoot.

A random theme of the weekend was friends and I randomly changing song lyrics to include the work Smurf instead, for example “Who let the Smurf’s Out”, this was an ongoing theme throughout this weekend and the next when I look after my social media posts from the weekend it’s mostly Smurf related, but little things that like are a reminder of the fun that was had between friends and we all had a laugh with it all. Over the weekend I got photos with David Hewlett, Colin Cunningham and love what he wrote on it when he signed it, Christopher Heyerdahl, Ryan Robbins, and John De Lancie.

On the Saturday night ended up going out for dinner with a large group of friends and it was amazing, I love my Con Family but most of the time we are busy working and don’t get the time to really hang out so having dinner was a great way to just hang out, catch up, relax and enjoy ourselves. Colin and some of the other guests actually rocked up to the same restaurant and at one-point Colin was putting on a little magic display for us.

During the Sunday I watched Colin’s panel where he entertained everyone with a little musical performance with his homemade pipe flute thingy. There was also a panel with Ryan Robbins and Christopher Heyerdahl were Ryan got his guitar and started to sing Hallelujah as Chris was his ‘bitch’ as he called himself. I didn’t see this performance myself, but a friend did share a video of it with me and Ryan was incredible. At one stage of the day we managed to get many of the guests into the dodgem cars as they raced around bumping into each other, it was hilarious and there was so much laughter it made the day that much more special. The guests were all amazing and they had a great time in the dodgem cars, it had both them and the rest of us laughing.

On the Sunday night there was a Gifts for the Geek Stargate function, which was basically just a bunch of us getting drunk with some of the Stargate actors joining in the shenanigans. This night was the most I have ever drank in my life, I don’t normally drink but this night a lot happened and as I look through the photos I barely remember anything that happened other than that we all had a great time and it ended with a Maccas run as all good nights out do. Was an amazing weekend and even though we flew home on maybe 3hrs of sleep and I went straight from the airport to work… I then immediately started planning to travel to Adelaide the next weekend.

Throughout the weekend I collected autographs from the following guests John De Lancie, Ryan Robbins, Colin Cunningham, Christopher Heyerdahl, David Hewlett, Karen Allen, Lance Hendriksen , Gigi Edgley, and John Rhys-Davies.

Complete Guest List: Colin Cunningham, David Hewlett, Ryan Robbins & Karyn Baltzer, Christopher Heyerdahl, John De Lancie, Karen Allen, John Rhy Davies, Gigi Edgley, Lance Henriksen, Patricia Tallman, Laura Vandervoort, David Anders, Jaqueline McKenzie, Joel Gretsch, Renee O’Connor, Hudson Leick, James Clement and Ami Cusack.

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