First Red Dwarf Con

4 February 2013

An Australian Red Dwarf convention, yay! I was way too excited leading up to this event, the Red Dwarf fan in me is massive and this show means a lot to me because it was the first real show I became a fan of, plus it’s something I used to watch with my Dad when I was younger so good memories. The event was also run by my favourite convention organiser Scotty of First Contact Conventions and it was a small event with only the three guests of Danny John-Jules, Robert Llewellyn and Craig Charles.

As this was the very first Red Dwarf event, I had to go as a VIP which included a cocktail party on the Friday night which was awesome, hanging out with friends and actors and meeting new people always a treat. Craig Charles had brought his son Jack with him to the event and he looks so much like his father it was like seeing early years Lister on Red Dwarf. I got to chat with all the guests and perhaps made them feel a little old when I mentioned I’d been watching the show since I was 8 years old, mind you there were people younger than I there, it’s amazing that this show is loved by so many and for so long! Some friends and I spent a lot of time chatting with Jack, he was so easy to talk to and just a lovely guy.

As this was the first Red Dwarf event it was nice to see a lot of new attendees, some first-time convention goers and it’s always meeting new friends who are fellow fans of something that you love. This event was absolutely amazing and so very entertaining, these guys are hilarious, and they had everyone in stitches during their panels, I’ve mentioned in previous posts I don’t often sit through panels, but these ones were so hilarious and good I couldn’t not. There was so much laughter and mucking around I don’t even remember anything specific about what was said during their panels, but I know that I had an absolutely brilliant time, and Jack even got up and did a little keyboard performance for us which was amazing.

Throughout the day I got photos with all three of the guests because how could I not… I was wearing my Smeg Head T-shirt, which I had brought the previous year when I was in the UK so it was absolutely perfect. You can also tell just by looking at these photos how very happy and excited I am to be meeting the boys, just too bad Chris wasn’t here as well because then I could’ve got photos with the main four at once, but the three were a good start and Scotty is once again amazing and ran an awesome event bringing new attendees into the convention scene. I also brought one of Craig’s CDs ‘The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club’ which came with an autograph and a T-shirt, I also brought Robert’s Book ‘The Man in the Rubber Mask’.

As I had helped out a mate who was filming this event I actually ended up with a camera operator status on the DVD of this event, there is also a small image of the photo of Danny and I on the back cover of the DVD, not the first time that had happened but is the first time as a camera operator.

For First Contact Conventions this was a two-convention weekend, the SmegCon event was held on the Saturday and then there was a different event help on the Sunday OzTrek 9 with guests Nicole DeBoer and Terry Farrell from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. As I had brought a VIP ticket to the Red Dwarf event also included was a general ticket to the OzTrek event so I ended up staying with a friend at the hotel instead of coming home, well I ended up coming home anyone because I somehow managed to rip a hole in my pants… But my mate and I did go out and have some cocktails which was fun! I know this is a separate event but I don’t have enough to write about to create a whole new blog so I just want to comment that I was in absolute hysterics this day when I was hanging around with some friends who were working the event as the photos were getting down and one of the guys was like “OMG it’s the chick from Becker!” when it dawned on him who Terry Farrell was, so much laughter came from this comment, it was classic!

Complete Guest List: Danny John-Jules, Robert Llewellyn and Craig Charles.
Guest List for OzTrek 2: Nicole DeBoer and Terry Farrell.

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