First Time Volunteering

15 October 2007

In 2007 Armageddon hit Melbourne, the first ever event of its kind to hit this city and it was also my first ever time working an event which was definitely an experience. The lead up was fun, except for maybe the packing the showbags part… It was great to be a part of something so big though… the weekend started with a cocktail party which was great fun we all got dressed up and got to have a meet and greet with the guests in attendance, it was great getting to have some casual conversations with them before the craziness of the weekend happened.

When it came to the start of the actual weekend it was definitely insane we all felt pretty overwhelmed and in over our heads but we did what we could and it worked out a great event, I started off working as a queue minder for the Animation guests such as Billy West, Richard Horvitz, Neil Kaplan, Rino Romano and Chris Rankin. They were all very lovely and were signing items for free so we were a bit overwhelmed with the amount of people who wanted autographs, but we did our best to keep everything under control. On the Saturday morning Clare and I only met for the first time as we were working the area together, but the end of the day we were good friends and have become great friends over time. Here are some of the moments from this weekend that stand out the most in my memories…

Billy West being the voice of the Red M&M we had boxes and boxes of Dark M&Ms under the tables and were giving them out an every now and then (having not had a chance to eat) we’d sneak bags for ourselves and eat a few even though we don’t like dark chocolate. I was directing people towards the correct exit so they wouldn’t exit into our queues and there was footage of me on the convention DVD dancing around like a fool, rocking it! I remember at one stage I got to sit with the main guests, in between Peter Woodward and Connor Trinneer and whilst I was sitting I took my chance to eat something and remember Peter making fun of me as I shoved a chocolate bar in my mouth, they were both good guys nice to chat with when I asked Peter to sign my shirt he asked if I’d like him to write ‘Thanks for last night’ I said no it was fine so he just signed it ‘Lust. This is all’. Joe Flannigan was only at the event for the Sunday and my friends and I has brought tickets to dinner with him for that night and nearing the end of the day we were asked to escort him through the event and as he left my friend Jodie said “See you at dinner tonight” and Joe had forgotten about it and was definitely surprised, whoops!

Anyway the event over and it was for the most part a success, lots of fun and as mentioned an experience! The dinner afterwards was alright, we were all pretty tired after the weekend and Joe didn’t turn up until late but whilst we waited John Wesley Shipp did come and sit down with us and we had a lovely chat with him, such a nice guy. We also talked with some of the other guests as we mingled with friends at other tables. I remember a nice moment with Peter when he asked me to go with him outside for some air, he spoke to me about his family and son and it was just nice to chat so casually. After dinner the actors all left and then a few of us headed up to the hotel roof for a swim in the pool before going for 2am kebabs… all round was a great weekend!

Complete Guest List: Joe Flanagan, Connor Trinneer, Peter Woodward, Alan Tudyk, John Wesley Shipp, Jane Badler, Billy West, Richard Horvitz, Neil Kaplan, Rino Romano, Stephanie Sheh, Rodger Bumpass, Chris Rankin, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Gail Simone, Nicola Scott, Maile Flanagan, Ray Park, David Wohl, Rob Van Dam, Jasmine St. Clair and Sabu.

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