Fun Times with a DeLorean

11 April 2011

Attended Supanova in Melbourne in 2011, dressed in my Stargate Atlantis costume and to my own surprise managed to stay in said costume for the entire day, normally I only last a few hours. At this event I got to meet Peter Williams who is an amazing human being and super awesome, I also met Jodelle Ferland and got photos with both of them. Attended Peter’s panel and enjoyed listening to what he had to share with everyone. I did also meet Tahmoh Penikett and got him to autograph my Stargate BDU shirt because he was in like one scene of Stargate SG-1.

Spent most of the event hanging around with friends from a costume group, we had a lot of fun mucking around in our costumes at the Back to the Future DeLorean display. I especially love when we pretended to be being run over by the DeLorean. This event was mainly spent hanging with friends and browsing different stalls throughout the exhibition. I don’t have a lot to share about this event other than wanting to share all the fun photos with the DeLorean because they made the weekend so much fun.

Complete Guest List: Peter Williams, Jodelle Ferland, Tahmoh Penikett, Tom Felton, Tony Amendola, Greg Cipes, Tiffany Grant, Matt Greenfield, Christopher Lloyd, Mike McFarland, Yuko Miyamura and Ben Templesmith, Christopher Sequeira, Jon Sommariva, Kirby Krackle, Stewart McKenny, Chamba Cruz, Tom Taylor and Marianne De Pierres.

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