20 August 2016

I recently went and saw the new Ghostbusters movie at the cinema and was quite surprised with just how good it actually was. I am and always will be a Ghostbusters fan I loved the original and will never get old of listening to that theme song, but I am pleased with just how good this remake turned out.

The cast were fantastic and the characters were really well written, I admit that when I first heard about the remake and it being an all-female team I was unsure of just how it would go, but it just worked. They created a great team bond with each other and they brought a different sort of humour to the franchise that was very entertaining and made the film that much more enjoyable to watch. I am a lover of strong lead female characters and this movie was full of them, plus the addition of the dumb male secretary was rather interesting and entertaining.

Being a fan of the original movies I absolutely loved how most of the original cast made a cameo in the film, what a great addition for Ghostbuster fans like myself, plus it just wouldn’t be a Ghostbusters film without the appearance of Slimer and it was fun to see Mr. Staypuft there too. The special effects in the film were incredible, when you think about the fact that the original film came out over 30 years ago it is no surprise to see how much they have advanced and how they can create much more realistic scenes for us.

There were so many good scenes in this movie that I thoroughly enjoyed but I don’t want to spoil the film for anyone who has not seen it yet so I will just comment on some of my favourite moments. I absolutely love the scene where Yates’ is possessed, Melissa McCarthy’s acting here was incredible and her facial expressions had me in hysterics. I was disappointed when all the military personal were lined up looking ready to dance and there was not actual a dance scene… but then I was happy to see the dance scene in the background as the credits rolled, it was just too good of a scene to not have there. Although I prefer the original, the new version of the theme song was catchy and fit in with the movie well and it still had most aspects of the original, to keep the fans happy.

I would definitely recommend this film, what a great remake of a memorable classic.

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