Lockdown Birthday

6 September 2020

Birthday Week

This week was Birthday week, well at least one day of it was my birthday. Although in these lockdown times there wasn’t really much celebrating, but I did manage to have a pretty good day. I got messages from friends and phone calls from family. I got a couple of presents and cards sent in the mail.

Gigi Shout Out

Even got a celebrity shout out from Gigi Edgley. And a birthday song from her and her brother Jake. That was pretty special. I’ve been tuning into Gigi’s live streams on Twitch, a lot lately. It’s been good to find something to enjoy, and be part of a fun new community.

Check out Gigi on Twitch: gigiedgleytv

Gigi and Jake, singing me Happy Birthday.

Getting Older

Did not feel much like celebrating this year. With the loss of my Uncle and then Zac, Dad getting sick and Nan ending up in hospital. With Melbourne still being in a lockdown with Covid restrictions, it was hard to find a reason. What is there to celebrate when you are stuck at home all alone, with nothing to do? Not much. Least I had my girl Izzy by my side. If you can’t spend your special day with people you love, least you can spend it with a fur baby you love.

The older I get the more I hate when my birthday comes around. The reminder that I am getting older, the thoughts of ‘what have I done with my life’ swirl in my brain. No matter what I have done or accomplished I never feel like it’s good enough. Maybe these thoughts are swirling more this year because we’re stuck in lockdown with our thoughts. We’re reminded that we are lonely because there is no one here with us.

Birthday Celebration

Still managed to take some time for myself. Since I had so much annual leave I needed to take I took the day off hoping to just relax. Take some time for myself. My Mum had sent down a huge box of mixed chocolates from Darrell Lea so I had many snackages to choose from. She had also knitted me some jumpers, she’s very talented at stuff like that.

For my birthday I decided to make myself a little charcuterie board. With cheese, ham, strass, strawberries with some plain crackers. I also added some of the chocolate snacks from my present. Izzy and I went outside and sat in the sun to enjoy a break from being inside. Love my girl and thankful to have her by my side. Birthday dessert was a Chocolate Bavarian, that I put my smiley candles on and lit, just to take a photo.

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