Invisible Brad’s first Armageddon

15 October 2012

Another year another Armageddon, my all time favourite event of the year without a doubt, these events always begin with me helping set up the venue for the show on the Friday, then the Friday night is the cocktail party which is when the real fun starts for the weekend. This was the first year that the cocktail party was held at Bobby McGees and I absolutely adore this venue, it is got a great vibe about it with all the retro antiques and lighting, just a fun little venue that’s a little bit different.

This event was the first event attended in Australia by our special convention friend Invista Brad, our invisible buddy Brad who attended his first convention in Canada earlier in the year, then got his own Facebook page and wanted to meet all the actors. At the cocktail party Brad even had the opportunity to meet and chat with several of the guests including Christopher Heyerdahl, Finn Jones, and Miltos Yerolemou. Took photos with friends and even got photos with Chris and Miltos, so many good memories for our good mate Brad.

As always with Armageddon events I volunteered and got to work in the Media Guest Area, this year we were a guest minder short so on the Saturday I spent the day minding Nathaniel Buzolic, which was a little different than my usual role of gopher. Although this meant sitting between Nathaniel and Christopher Heyerdahl for the day so not a lot to complain about there, Chris is amazing and I adore him. I remember at one point in the day a good friend came up to talk to be and we were just hugging and high fiving over the tables, because that’s just how we roll. There really was a great line-up of guests for this event and they were all really good, I’m glad I got the chance to talk to some of them throughout the weekend.

Where I was sitting with Nathanial on his other side was Aldis Hodge who was amazing, such a gentleman and he had brought his mother along to the event with him as a birthday present to her and she was lovely. I had a conversation with her and she commented that she was quite surprised and throughily enjoyed the atmosphere of the event, she liked that the staff/volunteers were very social and friendly with the attendees. She explained that events in the states just didn’t have that kind of atmosphere and that it was great to see over here. As someone who has been working Armageddon events since they first started in Australia hearing these comments made me feel really proud to be apart of such an amazing event and incredible team, I have always loved the atmosphere of our events and love that the guests do as well.

Day Two of Armageddon and I was back to being a gopher/runner, I didn’t mind sitting with a guest for a change but I do much prefer to be the one running around and getting things for the guests or moving between guests when needed. I’m generally not very good at sitting still for long periods so being the one who gets to run of and get items for the guests keeps me moving and keeps me busy and for some reason I just love that.

I did get a few photos this weekend, I got photos with Sebastian Roché and Jim Beaver who have both guest starred in Criminal Minds which is another favourite TV show of mine. I do find is hilarious that in my photo with Jim I accidentally had my gun pointed at a certain area of his body and he just had to make a comment when he autographed the photo, it makes me laugh… sorry Jim! Other photos from the weekend were group photos I joined in a photo with Chris Judge and Chris Heyerdahl with members of my costuming group SG-7. although not all of us were in Stargate costumes for the photo. I also got another photo with Chris Heyerdahl, a Charlie’s Angels style pose with myself, him and my mate Vyvyanne who was also Chris’ guest minder for the weekend.

I did also add two additional autographs to my collection at this event, I got an autograph from Mark Pellegrino and one from Charles Martinet who is the voice of Mario. I did get the chance to speak with a lot of the other guests as well I just don’t remember all the conversations, I do know I definitely spoke with Karl Urban, George Lazenby, AronEisenberg, Martin Klebba, Bruce Boxleitner, and Cindy Morgan. Again it was a great line-up for the event and I love that I have the opportunity to speak to these amazing people.

I need to comment that I was so proud of our Armageddon Family this weekend because we recieved some great feedback for the event. A few mates and other attendees commented on how smoothly it was run, how the guests were great and that all the staff were helpful and friendly. It is such an hour to be apart of this amazing team and to get such great feedback. Like I said earlier, I have been working this event since it first started in Australia and it’s great to hear that people have enjoyed themselves and had such a great time, like Aldis’ Mum said the atmophere at our events is amazing.

The weekend after Armageddon hits Melbourne the guests travel to New Zealand for the Auckland Armageddon event and I have friends in New Zealand as well, one of whom went to the cocktail party with the guests and then sent me this video and I love it.

Complete Guest List: Karl Urban, Aldis Hodge, Christopher Judge, Mark Pellegrino, Christopher Heyerdahl, Nathaniel Buzolic, Sebastian Roché, Jim Beaver, Bruce Boxleitner, Cindy Morgan, Aron Eisenberg, Bob Layton, J M Straczynski, Mela Lee, Johnny Yong Bosch, Martin Billany, Kristi Reed, Finn Jones, Miltos Yerolemou, George Lazenby, Martin Klebba, Rachel Grant, Terry Molloy, Ian Churchill, Charles Martinet, Lex Lang, Sandy Fox, Susan Eisenberg, Marianne Miller, Martin Billany, Yaya Han and Bushwhacker Luke.

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