Meet Smidget Bot

14 January 2021

QUICK ANNOUNCEMENT: Have decided not to continue with my vlog for the moment, with getting into streaming I have been thoroughily enjoying it and have decided to keep persuing that for the moment. Might return to the Vlog at a later night or just post Highlights from my stream of important moments.

I have been busy lately with having started streaming on Twitch, but I recently got back into doing some drawing and decided to reimagine one of my old drawings and create a character from it and want to use it in my streams as emotes and other things.


I started to reimagine this character to use in emotes after becoming Affiliate on Twitch and thought it would be cool to use and it would be fun getting back into drawing something a little different than normal. At the moment I only have one emote of him available and that’s only for Tier 3 subscribers to which I have none, but I’m hoping once I get more subscribers I can get more uploaded for people to use in mine and others chats on Twitch and discord. I was also thinking of creating T-Shirt designs for a Twitch/TeeSpring store to sell.

You can check my Twitch channel out here:

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