Meeting My Idol Amanda Tapping

12 December 2010

This was an event, a moment that I had been looking forward to since first attending convention five years before. Amanda Tapping is the person who made me fall in love with her or at least the kind of person she is and then from there came my fandom for Stargate and attending conventions and basically she’s the reason my life took the path it did and I could not be happier with it all.

I brought a VIP ticket to this event which included a breakfast with the guests plus a photo and autograph from each guests, close seats for the panels and a cocktail party after the event. I attended this event in my Stargate SG-1 costume and the event started off with the photo ops, I remember sitting to the side as the photos were happening in my costume just chilling with some mates and Deb the photographer kept turning the camera around to try and get a photo of me. I got all my photos including a second one with Amanda with a good friend. I also asked Eileen to jump into my photo with Carmen as I wanted a photo with the both of them, because they are both amazing, they both remembered me from meeting at a convention in 2007.

The panels were fun, but I’m not very good at remembering things that were said all I really remember is that each of the guests were given a white t-shirt to draw all over that would be auctions off to raise money for charity, or something like that. Robin did end up topless during his panel as he was drawing on his shirt. I remember sitting in on Amanda’s panel, and before the event I had tried to hype myself down a little about Amanda afraid that I had put her on a high pedestal and didn’t want to be disappointed, but I clearly remember a moment during the panel where it dawned on me that she really was as amazing as I thought she was and maybe even more, definitely not a disappointment at all in fact the opposite I felt like my fandom in her has been rejuvenated.

Whilst getting the autographs I handed Amanda a tube of Vegemite, I wasn’t allowed to give it to her on stage as the event was run by different organisers to the other conventions were I did do that, so the best I could do was hand it to her there and I was happy enough with that. After the autographs I headed back to the hotel with friends, I was feeling exhausted, in my excitement to meet Amanda I had not really slept so by the end of the day I was tired so I went to shower and change and get ready for the cocktail party. Unfortunately I had a little issue with the friend I was staying with, which flattened my mood and by the time it came to the cocktail party I wasn’t feeling great the tiredness didn’t help, I just didn’t really feel like talking much and my nerves were getting the best of me, I wanted to ask Amanda a question but just couldn’t bring myself to ask. Thankfully Eileen was sitting next to me and we were chatting and she ended up introducing me to Amanda and I got to have a little bit of a chat then which was great.

Complete Guest List: AMANDA TAPPING, Carmen Argenziano, Eileen Grubba, Robin Dunne and Chuck Champbell.

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