Nemec at Nova

16 February 2010

Corin Nemec

Attending Supanova Melbourne 2010, only once guest of interest to me Corin Nemec from Stargate SG-1. There was suppose to be another Stargate guest but they had to pull out only days before. Corin was amazing though, such a great guy and an honour to meet. Attending the event with a group of friends, we got to spend time just hanging out with each other.

Photos and Autos

I came to the event wearing my Stargate costume, but it was a hot Melbourne day. So the full costume did not last long and by the time it got to photos the jacket was off. The tactical vest came in handy for all the pockets though. Still got an awesome photo with Corin, he was holding my P90 replica. When I got my photo autographed by Corin he pointed out that you could see the sunscreen in my pocket. So then he had to autograph it and make it super obvious.

The group of friends I attended this event with, one of them was celebrating their 21st birthday. She had a big 21st the Saturday night and then on the Sunday we got a group photo with Corin.

The Event

Other than meeting Corin we mostly just walked around and had a look at all the different exhibitors stalls. Some friends brought some items as you do, but that was about it. Nothing too spectacular at this event but it was a good event. We had a good time with friends and that’s what’s most important.

Complete Guest List

Corin Nemec, Karl Urban, James Marsters, Gareth David-Lloyd, Stewart McKenny, Chamba Cruz, Marianne De Pierres, Paul Jenkins, Yuri Lowenthal, Liam O’Brien, George Perez, Tara Platt and Marv Wolfman.

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