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30 October 2020

New Site Update

I realised that it has been a very long time since I last added any new photographs to my site. Recently, I went through a collection of a large array of photos from the last five years. I have added some of my favourite ones.

There is a range of different new photographs including animals, planes, sunsets and rises, and the beauty of nature.

Animal Photographs

I have been attempting to improve my photography skills recently and I absolutely love taking photos of animals. Especially when getting to visit a zoo and seeing all the magnificent creatures that you do not see all the time. My favourite photographs in these collections of animals have to be the gorgeous lion cubs. It took time but I am so proud of how amazing these photos turned out.

There’s also a few of my favourite photos of my own kitties whilst exploring outside. While I have been trying to get creative with camera techniques.


New Plane Photographs

One thing that I absolute love, is attending air shows and enjoying watching planes as they fly by. I think what these pilots can do is absolutely amazing and it brings me joy watching. Especially when they do such incredible aerobatic displays. My favourite planes are the FA/18 Hornet, they are brilliant to watch. The sound they make as they fly by brings me such joy I can’t even explain it.

It’s not always easy to capture planes in photographs as they can be fast and far away. I love the challenge of getting great photos of them, which is why I have so many plane photos and they have their own section on my site.

Nature Photographs

These photos have been collected through everyday adventuring. Nature is such an amazing canvas for us to capture and I love not only photographing it, but enjoying it. I love the brilliant colours found in both Sunsets and Sunrises, and then you add the cloud formations. Nature is stunning and we need to appreciate it more than we do.

There are so many things out in nature for us to enjoy and many greats things to photographs. I have added photos of bridges, trees, people and even one of my car. There are also several photos added in this lot that were from the Buchan Caves. An incredible place I visited with a mate a couple of years ago.

Other New Changes

There have been several other changes made to the site as well. Hopefully now it is a lot easier to navigate and information easily accessible. I hope that you like the changes and if you have any feedback, please let me know.

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