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12 February 2017
Smegheads Strike Back in Melbourne

On Sunday the 5th February, I attended my first Convention of 2017! There is no better way to start-off this year’s events than with an event run by my favourite organiser Scotty of First Contact Conventions and with actors from my all-time favourite TV Show the hilarious Red Dwarf – the guests announced were Craig […]

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15 June 2016
Costuming & Fun Photos

Over the weekend I attended Oz Comic Con Melbourne another yearly event that hits our city, this year the show was held at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre again. This particular show has been running for the least amount of time out of the Expo’s run in Melbourne and I have attended the events […]

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19 April 2016
Friends & Transformers

On weekend just past I attended an event in Melbourne called Supanova, it’s one of three main Expo’s that run in Melbourne yearly. This year I was only able to attend the Sunday of the event, I also got to bring along a friend who had never attended an event of this kind before so […]

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8 April 2014
Amanda in Adelaide

Only the fourth month of the year and already up to the fourth event of the year, 2014 was turning out to be one hell of a year for events. Not only was this event the fourth but also the second event with Amanda Tapping, anyone would think I was a fan… This event was […]

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27 February 2014
Amanda Re-Celebration in the UK

Travelling to the UK to see Amanda again, this time for AT7 Re-Celebration another event at the Renaissance hotel organised and run by GABIT. The weekend was pretty good and I had an amazing time hanging with everyone, our little group of four was amazing and we had a ball together. I’ve got to say […]

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2 February 2014
Smegheads Return

Time for another Red Dwarf event and again so much laughter was had here, these guys are brilliant all of them. This years event included the return of Danny John-Jules and Craig Charles as well as Hattie Hayridge and Mac McDonald and a fun Skype chat with Chris Barrie. The event again was run by […]

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15 April 2013
Helping Out a Friend

Supanova Melbourne and another event spent helping my mate Dennys Ilic sell his awesome photography, this time I spent the weekend dressed up in my Stargate SG-1 costume. There were some amazing guests at this event but I was doing my best to save money and not buy too much so the only thing I […]

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4 February 2013
First Red Dwarf Con

An Australian Red Dwarf convention, yay! I was way too excited leading up to this event, the Red Dwarf fan in me is massive and this show means a lot to me because it was the first real show I became a fan of, plus it’s something I used to watch with my Dad when […]

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10 December 2012
Return of the Evil Vegemite Girls

No rest for the wicked as they say, only a few days after returning from our trip to the United Kingdom there was a Melbourne event to attend called Gate to the Sanctuary 2 and run by First Contact Conventions. As always Scotty and his team ran a great event, and it was a lot […]

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14 November 2012
First Overseas Event

First overseas trip ever and it was for a convention to see Amanda Tapping again, which was perfectly fitting, the event run by GABIT was at the Renaissance Hotel in Heathrow, London, United Kingdom. I am very excited for this event; I was going to be meeting a lot of online friends for the first […]

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