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10 December 2012
Sanctuary and Vegemite

Last event of 2012, Gate to the Sanctuary 2 with Ben Browder, Jennifer Spence and Jonathan Young. A great event with good friends, good guests and the return of the Evil Vegemite Girls. Another event making good memories.

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14 November 2012
AT6 Overseas Event

First overseas event and first time travelling outside of Australia. Travelled to the UK to see Amanda Tapping and enjoy time with the amazing Amanda fandom community. What a fantastic experience from start to finish, Amanda was amazing as was the community in attendance.

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15 October 2012
Brad’s Armageddon

Another Armageddon event, my favourite event of the year. This is also the first Australian event attended by our special convention friend Invisible Brad. Got to meet and hang out with some amazing guests and add great photos and autos to the collection.

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31 October 2011
Armageddon Amanda

What an amazing experience, doing something I never thought possible such as working with my idol Amanda Tapping. Always love the atmosphere and friendship of an Armageddon event. Fantastic memories and experiences from start to finish, with friends and Amanda. I’ll never forget the special moments at this event.

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12 December 2010
Meeting Amanda

Gate to the Sanctuary event, meeting my idol Amanda Tapping for the first time. Dressed in a Stargate costume and feeling nervous I spoke to Amanda, got photos and autographs. This event was such a significant step in my event attending journey, I will remember it forever.

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18 October 2010
Emotional Event

Another Armageddon and this one was an emotional event for me. The event and guests were amazing, and I had a great time, it just ended with me in tears. Sometimes emotions hit us at unexpected times, I’m thankful for having such a great community of friends around me.

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5 November 2006
The Other Side

My second event, Other Side of the Gate with guests Rachel Luttrell, Tony Amendola and David Nykl. The Evil Vegemite Girls make another appearance and many laughs ensue. So much fun was had at this event with friends and guests, memories were made and moments enjoyed.

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