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1 March 2011
First Interstate Event

My first interstate event, an Armageddon in Sydney. What an incredible experience, a fantastic time had with both friends and Stargate guests. There were many special moments and great memories created at this event, such as watching the guests have a race around in dodgem cars.

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12 December 2010
Meeting Amanda

Gate to the Sanctuary event, meeting my idol Amanda Tapping for the first time. Dressed in a Stargate costume and feeling nervous I spoke to Amanda, got photos and autographs. This event was such a significant step in my event attending journey, I will remember it forever.

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18 October 2010
Emotional Event

Another Armageddon and this one was an emotional event for me. The event and guests were amazing, and I had a great time, it just ended with me in tears. Sometimes emotions hit us at unexpected times, I’m thankful for having such a great community of friends around me.

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8 March 2010
RDA Event

A chaotic Stargate event in Melbourne, storm damage and lack of organisation. Great Stargate guests including Richard Dean Anderson, what a legend. Ben Browder and Claudia Black are brilliant as were all the guests in attendance. I was only at this event due to the generosity of friends.

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16 February 2010
Nemec at Nova

Supanova Melbourne 2010 with Corin Nemec in attendance, what a brilliant guest and lovely guy. A great time was had spent with amazing friends at this event. there was costuming, laughing, shipping and celebrating, a great weekend was had by all.

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19 October 2009
Armageddon Adventures

An 2009 Armageddon Adventure with some great guests but also a disapointing one. Meeting Christopher Heyerdahl and Paul McGillion, they were both amazing as were the Robot Chicken guys. Loved having many laughs with Noah Gray-Cabey and his hilarious Mum, Whitney.

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3 November 2008
Armageddon Friends

Another Armageddon and another event of volunteering, working with Jim Lee and his fellow DC comic artists. so many amazing guests at this event including David Hewlett, Andee Frizzell, Kavan Smith, Gary Jones, Ernie Hudson and Doug Jones to name a few.

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31 March 2008
Meeting Teryl

Another new Melbourne event called Supanova, with great guests like Teryl Rothery, Jewel Staite and Michael Winslow. An honour to meet such amazing and talented guests. To chat with them and to get photos and autos. Great day spend with friends enjoying a new event.

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15 October 2007
Armageddon Volunteering

First Armageddon event in Australia, experiencing the craziness of an event as a volunteer. What an amazing experience it was, great guests in attendance especially the animation guests I spent most of the weekend working with. I’ll definitely be volunteering at event again, such a great experience.

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30 April 2007
Don & Carmen

Tok’ra – Tauri Summit event in Melbourne with Don S. David, Carmen Argenziano and Eileen Grubba. A really special event with such amazing moments that will be remembered forever. Dinner, panels, auctions, photos and autographs a great time had with guests and good friends.

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5 November 2006
The Other Side

My second event, Other Side of the Gate with guests Rachel Luttrell, Tony Amendola and David Nykl. The Evil Vegemite Girls make another appearance and many laughs ensue. So much fun was had at this event with friends and guests, memories were made and moments enjoyed.

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29 October 2005
Puddle Jumper Convention

My first ever event, Puddle Jumper One convention with Rainbow Sun Francks, Torri Higginson, Alexis Cruz and Julie Caitlin Brown. What a great first experience, many new friendships were created as well as memories. The Evil Vegemite Girls were born and a new tradition created.

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