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15 October 2012
Invisible Brad’s first Armageddon

Another year another Armageddon, my all time favourite event of the year without a doubt, these events always begin with me helping set up the venue for the show on the Friday, then the Friday night is the cocktail party which is when the real fun starts for the weekend. This was the first year […]

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23 April 2012
Rainbow Still Hates Vegemite

The next event on the calendar this year was Supanova Melbourne, where I got to see Cliff Simon and Rainbow Sun Francks again and as always had many many many laughs. Leading up to the event I had contacted Gifts for the Geek for bagsies on the Rainbow Sun Francks event poster, wanted it to […]

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31 October 2011
Amanda Tapping at Armageddon

This weekend I got to do something I never thought possible I got to work with my idol Amanda Tapping, I mean she was just a guest at the conventon I was working but that’s the closest I would ever get to working with her. Armageddon is hands down my all time favourite event of […]

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12 December 2010
Meeting My Idol Amanda Tapping

This was an event, a moment that I had been looking forward to since first attending convention five years before. Amanda Tapping is the person who made me fall in love with her or at least the kind of person she is and then from there came my fandom for Stargate and attending conventions and […]

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18 October 2010
A Great but Emotional Weekend

This weekend although great was a really hard one for me and I can’t really explain why, by the end of the event I was feeling very emotional and was so very thankful for all my amazing friends and con family who were there for me and helped me through it all. For this event […]

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8 March 2010
Stargate & Richard Dean Anderson

This event was the first Stargate specific convention that had been run in a while, unfortunately it was also a rather memorable event but for all the wrong reasons. The event was chaotic, one of the worse events I have ever attended – the previous day a hail storm had hit Melbourne and did a […]

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15 October 2007
First Time Volunteering

In 2007 Armageddon hit Melbourne, the first ever event of its kind to hit this city and it was also my first ever time working an event which was definitely an experience. The lead up was fun, except for maybe the packing the showbags part… It was great to be a part of something so […]

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30 April 2007
Tok’ra – Tauri Summit

This event is an incredibly special moment in my life that I will never forget, it was an absolute pleasure to meet Don S. Davis, Carmen Argenziano and he’s partner Eileen Grubba. Again my friends and I went as VIP were we had dinner with the guests the night before the convention, started the night […]

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5 November 2006
The Other Side of the Gate

My second ever event and we decided to go as VIP again, because once you’ve gone VIP it’ hard to go as a normal attendee. This time we even decided to stay at the hotel, different from the year before this event was the convention during the day followed by dinner with the guests. For […]

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