Remembering Carmen Argenziano

14 February 2019

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post, I learnt on Monday morning that Carmen Argenziano had passed away. It has been an emotional few days, as I remember some of the special moments I had with this amazing man, a wonderful gentleman who made you feel comfortable and important no matter who you were, he always knew how to make you laugh too.

I only had the honour of meeting Carmen twice in person, at a convention in 2007 with another beautiful man that is no longer with us Don S Davis and again in 2010 where I got to meet Amanda Tapping for the first time and I’m so thankful to Carmen and partner Eileen Grubba who made that moment less nerve racking for me because we already had that history and I was comfortable with them.

To some people it might not seem logical to grieve and be so upset over the passing of someone who you only really had brief encounters with, but with someone like Carmen is it hard not to be sad and to grieve he was such a beautiful person who even in those brief moments made such a huge impact. I have so many great memories from those encounters that are special and even though some I have posted before I want to post again as a memorial to Carmen.

DON & CARMEN PHOTO-SHOOT: Don and Carmen getting photos together was such an entertaining sight, they look like mischievous little kids. They both had so much love to share giving hugs to all those that came in for photos.

EVIL VEGEMITE GIRLS ATTACK: in 2007 it was a convention tradition to ask guests to try Vegemite on stage and Carmen did not disappoint with his taste test we was so great and made everyone laugh. Having squeezed Vegemite from the tube into his mouth he then followed it up by drinking a bottle of water and tipping what was left of it over his head, followed by a mentos.

BEGGING EILEEN: Carmen upon expressing his love for his beautiful partner Eileen he then got down on one knee and begged her to come up on the stage with him.
For more details regarding this event see my blog post:
Tok’ra – Tauri Summit

SANDWICH PHOTO: I love my sandwich photo between Eileen and Carmen, two beautifully amazing people who I felt comfortable with from the moment I met them. In fact the only reason I spoke to Amanda at this convention was because Eileen pushed me too.

FACEBOOK: When Carmen first got Facebook the first photo he uploaded was one of mine taken after the event in 2007. He followed it up with some more and when I commented he commented back, which made me feel pretty special he was just such a gentleman.

WATCHING CRIMINAL MINDS: I only got into watching Criminal Minds in 2011 after I had met Carmen and there’s an episode he stared in called Demonology where he played a serial killer priest who was killing through exorcism, and it was an emotional episode for my character. Carmen’s acting was as amazing as always but it took me a few time to watch it without sniggering.

Rest in Peace Carmen
You are already missed by so many

Everyone in the Stargate community has been effected by Carmen’s passing, he was a brilliant actor and an even better person. For those who had met him he was a friend, someone who made you feel comfortable, loved and special. My thoughts are with his friends and family in this sad time.

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