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24 August 2023
1000th Show Celebration

The Christian O’Connell Show Live on Stage, an event celebrating their 1000th show. A huge achievement, I’m only a new fan but they’ve helped pull me out of a dark place and I have so much respect for them for that. They are also brilliantly entertaining and this was a great event.

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1 July 2023
SmileyGidget Set of pin buttons

Express yourself in a meaningful way with top-quality SmileyGidget Emote pin buttons. They’re lightweight, sturdy, and easy to put on.

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11 June 2023
Mental Breakdown

Sometimes life can be difficult, and sometimes we have a mental breakdown. Things have been incredibly hard for me lately and I want to share my journey with you. It has taken a long time, but I have now finally been able to sit down and write this post. This is a sign that I am getting better and improving in my recovery.

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18 December 2022
Year of Change

This year has been a crazy, like a roller coaster of change. Life got in the way and I stopped doing a lot of things that brought me joy and calmness. I started a new job, brought and moved into my very own house, I dealt with loss and grief. I’m still struggling through some of these changes.

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24 September 2022
Life Overwhelms

My life has just been one big overwhelming mess for the last six months and it’s been hard to think and function. I started my new job, I have lost a couple of family members, had medical issues. Have also had to change living arrangement and been living out of boxes for the last six months.

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4 March 2022
New Career Journey

I started a new job three weeks ago, I am apart of the inaugural Women’s Driver Academy at Cleanaway. I’m getting trained to drive trucks so I can go for my truck licence, then I will be trained as a side-lift garbage truck driver. This job gives me the opportunity to try something new, to learn new things and challenge myself.

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31 December 2020
2021 A New Year

What a year 2020 has been, I know that many people have struggled through the changes the world as a whole has gone through. This year will definitely be one that I will never forget and I’m sure a lot of people can say the same thing. I’m happy to be putting this year behind me, here’s to 2021.

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30 October 2020
New Additions

Been a long time since I added any new photographs to my site. I have added some of my favourites to the site. They include animals, planes, sunsets and rises, and the beauty of nature.

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6 September 2020
Lockdown Birthday

Happy lockdown birthday to me. Not got much to celebrate this year but I could at least enjoy the day with some snacks, cuddles with my furry baby girl, some outside sun and a chocolatey dessert. I still got some presents and cards, trying to enjoy the little things in life.

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20 August 2020
Farewell Zac

Last week I had to say farewell to my beautiful boy Zac, he got really sick and there was nothing we could do for him. I’m thankful that he no longer had to suffer. I miss him more than anything though. Thanks for being my constant companion, I love and miss you. Rest in Peace my beautiful boy Zac.

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