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2 February 2014

Another Red Dwarf Event

Time for another Red Dwarf event and again so much laughter was had here, these guys are brilliant. This years event included the return of Danny John-Jules and Craig Charles. Along with new visitors Hattie Hayridge and Mac McDonald, and a Skype with Chris Barrie. This was another event run by First Contact Conventions, always an awesome day out.

This event was held only days before I was due to fly out to the UK, so I was saving money. This time, there was no VIP and I only brought myself one photo and autograph from Hattie Hayridge. As Chris was a Skype guest the event was offering to purchase his autograph. He would sign items and then get them sent back, a pretty good system. I’d have purchased one myself but I had made plans to go to an event in the UK where he would be present. I thought it would be much better getting one in person and I was pretty excited about it.

Skype and Panels

The event started off the with Skype call with Chris Barrie, which went really well. It was the first event I’d attended with a Skype call, I was quite impressed with how well it went. The video was clean and as was the audio. He had good stories to tell and it was just nice to experience something different.

Next up was Mac MacDonald’s panel, he shared some amazing stories and it was really great. He talked to us about his experience working with different actors. Mentioning working with actors such as Jack Nicolson and Bruce Willis. He recalled a story of when Bruce Willis brought in donuts for everyone. I thought that was pretty cool, and the kind of person I imagined Bruce Willis to be.

Next up for her panel was Hattie, who was lovely and talked about working on the show and shared some stories. Next up was Danny who was joined by Craig and the two of them together are absolutely hilarious. You cannot attend an event with the Red Dwarf cast and not spend the time in hysterics. They are just so brilliantly hilarious and entertaining.

Red Dwarf Autographs

Following the panels, it was then time for the autographs. I was asked if I could sit with Danny during the autographs, they were short staff and I generally hang around anyway. Plus Danny is amazing and I definitely had no problem helping out and sitting with him. And since I only needed to get myself Hattie’s autograph, it could wait until the end. Danny was amazing, he is such a gentleman and a great guy to chat to as well. He tells some really awesome stories and I love hearing them.

The Finish

As the show came to an end and the guests got up to lead, I was standing outside when they walked past. I commented to Danny that I would see him in about a month at an event in England. Since I had found that there was going to be an event with the Red Dwarf cast in Leicester, on our last day in England. This was another great event, with many fun memories created and many laughs. I love these types of events, quiet and intimate, just entertaining and hilarious.

Complete Guest List

Danny John-Jules, Craig Charles, Hattie Hayridge and Mac McDonald and Chris Barrie via Skype.

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