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12 February 2017

On Sunday the 5th February, I attended my first Convention of 2017! There is no better way to start-off this year’s events than with an event run by my favourite organiser Scotty of First Contact Conventions and with actors from my all-time favourite TV Show the hilarious Red Dwarf – the guests announced were Craig Charles, Robert Llewellyn, Danny John-Jules and Norman Lovett. Even though I have met all of these guests before it didn’t stop me from buying a ticket, because I know that a convention run by Scotty and his team is always going to be a good show and you add such awesome fun guests and you know it’ll be a great day of laughter and good memories.

This event did not disappoint, what an amazing day! You cannot beat getting to spend a day doing something you love, surrounded by great friends and with actors from a TV show you have loved since you were little. When Red Dwarf first started filming 30 years ago, Craig and Danny were younger than I am now and to be able to bring the show back after a huge gap and to still have such a huge fan base what a great achievement.

Unfortunately, only days before the event Danny John-Jules received news that his father had passed away and therefore could not make the flight. Because Danny is such an amazing guy, he was kind enough to join us for a quick Skype session where those in attendance were able to ask him some questions – in response to a few questions Danny told us to wait and then he would return with photos to share with us. One of the photos he shared was of his parents on their wedding day, where his father was wearing the suit that Danny wore for his Red Dwarf audition where the idea came for the first suit we saw the Cat wear in Red Dwarf. Another photo was of himself and David Bowie when he worked on Labyrinth and he even through in a photo of a spoiler from Series XII – something to look forward to! Craig, Robert and Norman also came in and had a brief chat with Danny on Skype with all of us there.

Following the chat with Danny was the photo session and then a lunch break, and for those who brought the VIP tickets, they were able to enjoy a nice lunch with the guests. After lunch, the afternoon was jam packed with panels – which were all amazing and extremely entertaining, as always with these comedic guys.

Robert was up first and he spoke about writing, his own show Fully Charged and of course about wearing the Kryten suit. During the majority of his panel Craig was at the back of the room heckling him as he does. He shared stories from filming Red Dwarf and an especially funny memory from when they filmed Gunman of the Apocalypse and had to ride the horses. He also shared tales from the more recent filming with Series XI and XII. Norman was up next as he took over straight after Robert, Norman spoke about his comedic style which is most definitely deadpan – he gave us a taste of his comedic style and then answered any questions. Once again, Craig enjoyed heckling from the back of the room.

Following Norman was the ever-entertaining Craig Charles, who answered questions, shared more stories with us including his own version of the behind the scenes during Gunman of the Apocalypse and the horse riding – mainly himself giving Chris’ horse a slap and making the thing gallop, for poor Chris who’d never ridden a horse before. He shared a poem of his with us as well which was amazing, such a talented guy! Nearing the end of Craig’s panel Robert and Norman got up with him so we had some time with the three of them on stage, which was great because they are even more brilliantly entertaining together.

I came to this event not thinking of spending money on photos or autographs as I had met them all before, but I ended up getting a photo with autographs anyway because I just could not resist. These guys are just so much fun I just had to get a fun photo with them and that’s exactly what I did and I am glad for it too. What a great way to remember the day and these amazing men who I have watched since I was young.

Thanks to Scotty and his amazing First Contact team for pulling off another fantastic event with amazing guests.

Complete Guest List: Craig Charles, Robert Llewellyn and Norman Lovett.

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