Stargate & Richard Dean Anderson

8 March 2010

This event was the first Stargate specific convention that had been run in a while, unfortunately it was also a rather memorable event but for all the wrong reasons. The event was chaotic, one of the worse events I have ever attended – the previous day a hail storm had hit Melbourne and did a lot of damage writing off a lot of cars (including mine) and damaging buildings, including the one the event was to be held in which led to lots of last minute changes… This would have been completely understandable if as attendees the situation had been explained to us, instead we were all left standing outside queued up to enter for hours wondering what was going on and why we were still waiting. It just would have been a nice courtesy to be told why things were taking so long, in general the organisation of this event was quite bad, nothing seemed to go right. The guests in attendance were amazing though and made the day worth it, it was the first time I had the chance to meet Richard Dean Anderson, Claudia Black, Ben Browder, Dan Shae and David Blue, the other guests whom I’d had the chance to meet previously were Christopher Judge, Connor Trinneer and David Nykl.

Leading up to this event I had not been in the best position financially and even though this was going to be my chance to finally meet Richard Dean Anderson I had decided not to go as I just couldn’t afford it. The only reason I ended up going was because a good friend of mine had heard that the event was happening and surprised me with a ticket to the event and a photo op with RDA, to which I was so incredibly grateful. This day seemed to be my lucky day because when I was talking to a friend of mine who had brought a more expensive ticket which came with photo & autograph tokens said that she that I could have her token for a photo and autograph from Dan Shae. Considering I was dressed up in my full Stargate costume I’m really glad I had the chance to get a photograph with him as well – Thanks Corrin!

Whilst getting my photo with Dan we had a good chat about the P90 prop I had and he explained to me and showed me the correct way to hold it. I also got the chance to chat with RDA about my costume when he asked me how I had managed to put it all together to which I simply replied “Mostly off eBay”. That was a pretty awesome moment to be able to have a chat with both of these lovely gentleman. Panels were rather entertaining, Dan was showing off his strength by doing push-ups with Chris Judge sitting on his back. I never got the chance to meet David Blue as he had left earlier in the day, which was a shame. Ben Browder and Claudia shared the stage together followed by Connor and David and then RDA got the stage to himself for the last panel of the day. Autographs followed and due to an issue with printing photographs there were so many people who were unable to get there photos signed because they had not printed, in the end they ended up being sent off for signatures… luckily I didn’t have this problem but I still feel bad for all those who missed out on the chance to chat to RDA during the autographs.

Even though I couldn’t really afford it I had still decided to get autographs from each of the guests I had not met before so that I could get them all to sign my Stargate shirt – the one I have gotten signed since my very first convention. RDA was once again lovely to chat to as I got my autograph as was Dan Shae, this was my chance to meet Claudia and Ben as well and Ben was great to chat to, I had complained to a friend about the costume being too hot and heavy and when he overheard he commented about how hot the costumes would get when filming, under all the set lights. All in all it was a pretty good day but the guests are who made this day because the actual event was really not well organised, I understand given the issues that was bound to happen but I feel as though they could have been courteous to attendees.

Complete Guest List: Richard Dean Anderson, Claudia Black, Ben Browder, Dan Shae, David Blue, Connor Trinneer, David Nykl and Christopher Judge.

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