21 October 2013
A Farscape Armageddon

This was another amazing event with a great guest line-up and a lot of fun memories were made, only the week before the event my dog had passed away so I was really looking forward to this event and being able to spend time with friends and con family and getting lots of friendly hugs. […]

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10 April 2012
New Australian Expo.

The first event for 2012 was a brand-new Australian event called Oz Comic Con and it was held in Adelaide so another international event too and another road trip. With friends Jen and Sarah we road tripped across to Adelaide, I worked until 5pm Jen met at my work and we headed straight off to […]

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18 October 2010
A Great but Emotional Weekend

This weekend although great was a really hard one for me and I can’t really explain why, by the end of the event I was feeling very emotional and was so very thankful for all my amazing friends and con family who were there for me and helped me through it all. For this event […]

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8 March 2010
Stargate & Richard Dean Anderson

This event was the first Stargate specific convention that had been run in a while, unfortunately it was also a rather memorable event but for all the wrong reasons. The event was chaotic, one of the worse events I have ever attended – the previous day a hail storm had hit Melbourne and did a […]

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30 August 2021
Birthday Stream

Hey everyone, please come and join me for my birthday stream on Twitch! Another year spending my birthday in lockdown, not being able to see friends or family and not being able to celebrate the way you normally would has made it neccessary to find other ways to celebrate, for me I thought it would […]

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10 July 2021
First Event in Two Years

On the 22nd and 23rd of May I attended my first event in two years and it felt amazing, I have been in a bit of a slump lately just feeling really flat in general and attending this event and seeing my amazing con family, it gave me the boost I so desperately needed. I […]

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14 January 2021
Meet Smidget Bot

QUICK ANNOUNCEMENT: Have decided not to continue with my vlog for the moment, with getting into streaming I have been thoroughily enjoying it and have decided to keep persuing that for the moment. Might return to the Vlog at a later night or just post Highlights from my stream of important moments. I have been […]

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31 December 2020
Happy New Year – Here’s to 2021

I honestly don’t even know how to put into words what this year had been like for me and I know so many people have had their own struggles too…. this year will definitely be one that I will never forget and I’m sure a lot of people can say the same thing. This year […]

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26 December 2020
Merry Christmas!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to every single one of you amazing people!!!! This year has been a challenge for everyone and as we approach the end of the year we are all hoping that the year ahead will be better to us. Christmas time is suppose to be a joyous time, when people visit and spend time […]

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25 November 2020
New Vlog and New Stream

Hey everyone, I have posted a new Vlog… trying to keep to posting once a month, please check it out! I have also started on a new adventure of Streaming, and Gaming… which I talk about in the above Vlog. You can find my new Twitch streaming channel and the Discord server I have created […]

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9 November 2020
A Smiley Chat with Gigi Edgley

I have been enjoying watching the amazing Gigi Edgley and her daily Twitch streams lately, ever since we had to get Zac put down and a friend suggestion I join in watching one of Gigi’s streams I was hooked. Gigi is amazing, such a lovely person and entertaining to watch on her live streams whether […]

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30 October 2020
New Photographs Added and More

I realised that it had been a very long time since I last added new photographs to my site, so I went through a collection of photos from the last five years and have added some of my absolute favourites. I hope that you like them, they are of a range of different things including […]

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11 October 2020
“We Gotta Get Outta This Place”

For fun, here is a video that my brother sent me as he was going through some old family footage – This video is of 3 year old me perfectly summing up how we all feel about the current restrictions and it’s kinda adorably hilarious.

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4 October 2020
Goodbye Nan, I love you

Goodbye my beautiful Nan, love you forever and always. My tribute to my Nan as posted on Facebook 5th October 2020: It’s hard to put into words what I feel at the moment, my heart feels heavy and I feel a little bit lost, last week my family said goodbye to a beloved member my […]

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