18 October 2010
A Great but Emotional Weekend

This weekend although great was a really hard one for me and I can’t really explain why, by the end of the event I was feeling very emotional and was so very thankful for all my amazing friends and con family who were there for me and helped me through it all. For this event […]

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16 February 2010
Corin Nemec at Supanova

This event only had the one guest I was interested in seeing and that was Corin Nemec from Stargate SG-1, there was suppose to be another Stargate guest but unfortunately they had to pull out only a few days before. Corin was such a great guy and an honour to meet, was great to get […]

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19 October 2009
Armageddon Adventures Continue

Armageddon Expo 2009 – Another year another great show with so many memories made, what a great group of guests with Seth Green and the Robot Chicken guys, a few of the Stargate boys plus more. I was rather excited this year because not only was the weekend going to be great it was also […]

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24 April 2008
A Night with Chris Judge

An interesting event and different from all others this was held in the middle of the week on a Wednesday night, the guests in attendance were Chris Judge and Gary Graham. Having paid a little bit extra for a VIP ticket it included some extra time before the main event started to mingle with the […]

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31 March 2008
Meeting Teryl Rothery

A new event hit Melbourne in 2008 called Supanova, who had previously run events interstate, their guest list included Teryl Rothery who is my second favourite actress from Stargate. I was thrilled to get the opportunity to meet her so there was no way I was missing this event, this was also the first event […]

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30 April 2007
Tok’ra – Tauri Summit

This event is an incredibly special moment in my life that I will never forget, it was an absolute pleasure to meet Don S. Davis, Carmen Argenziano and he’s partner Eileen Grubba. Again my friends and I went as VIP were we had dinner with the guests the night before the convention, started the night […]

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5 November 2006
The Other Side of the Gate

My second ever event and we decided to go as VIP again, because once you’ve gone VIP it’ hard to go as a normal attendee. This time we even decided to stay at the hotel, different from the year before this event was the convention during the day followed by dinner with the guests. For […]

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29 October 2005
Puddle Jumper One – First Convention

In October 2005 I attended my very first convention the guests in attendance were Rainbow Sun Francks, Torri Higginson, Alexis Cruz and Julie Caitlin Brown. This was my first event and so a few friends and I decided we would spoil ourselves so we brought VIP tickets which included a dinner with the guests the […]

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28 June 2020
Rest in Peace Uncle Ken

Last Thursday on the 18th June my uncle passed away, this was not unexpected news but that never makes the loss easier. Uncle Ken was one of the strongest people I have ever known, he had such a strong fighting spirit and without that I may not have ever got to know him at all. […]

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22 May 2020
Alphabet Themes

With the current state of the world my colleagues and I have been working from home, same as a lot of people throughout the country and world, this is a crazy time and something that noone was prepared for. To makes things a little easier and to have a little bit of fun my work […]

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14 February 2019
Remembering Carmen Argenziano

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post, I learnt on Monday morning that Carmen Argenziano had passed away. It has been an emotional few days, as I remember some of the special moments I had with this amazing man, a wonderful gentleman who made you feel comfortable and important no matter […]

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6 July 2018
Volunteering at a Different Event

Having not volunteered to work an event in over a year I decided it was time to get back into the volunteer game and why not start off with something different, so I put my hand up to work this year’s Queer Expo which was held at St. Kilda Town Hall over last weekend. Queer […]

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14 June 2018
Balloons and Besties

On Saturday I attended the Oz Comic Con event in Melbourne, I was interested in seeing how the show would go with there being some behind the scenes changes from previous years. I had already noticed several differences such as guest announcements had been slower coming and there weren’t any that really stood out, there […]

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24 April 2018
A Reminder of Friendships and Family

This past weekend I attended Melbourne Supanova and for the first time in a very long time I didn’t have any of the usual pre-show excitement and no real desire to go even though I knew I’d enjoy seeing friends. This feeling and having no motivation to do things has been a feeling I have […]

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19 November 2017
My Origin Story into the Fandom World

This is my origin story, the tale of how I got into this amazing world of fandom and convention attending, people who know me well have probably heard this story before but I don’t think I have ever actually written it up for the world to read at least not in as much detail – […]

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6 November 2017
20 Years of Stargate

Yesterday I attended a Stargate event held here in Melbourne, this event named Return to the Gate was to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of when Stargate SG-1 first started. For this event we had three members of the original SG-1 team cast Richard Dean Anderson (RDA), Amanda Tapping and Michael Shanks with the addition of […]

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19 September 2017
Wellness Walk for Charity

Straying from my usual blog posts this one is for something a little different, although it still involves a celebrity!!! On Sunday I had the opportunity to spend the day with over a thousand other people at the Wellness Walk and Research Run an event that raised money for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and […]

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21 August 2017
Marvel Mega Fan

Over the last weekend I attended the Oz Comic Con event at Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre – I don’t generally buy specialty tickets to these types of events but this time I decided to buy a Marvel Mega Fan Ticket which included weekend entry as well as some other Marvel goodies such as Pins, […]

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