The Other Side of the Gate

5 November 2006

My second ever event and we decided to go as VIP again, because once you’ve gone VIP it’ hard to go as a normal attendee. This time we even decided to stay at the hotel, different from the year before this event was the convention during the day followed by dinner with the guests. For the convention this year we did not wear a costume but my friends and I wore shirts with our own “Evil Vegemite Girls” logo on the back, as we’d already made a name for ourselves the year before.

So we got to spend the day getting our photos, autographs and listening to their panels and then we struck again with the Vegemite… We gave David Nykl a tube of Vegemite and he grabbed it, opened it and squirted it straight into his mouth and then said “I’ll brush my teeth with it every morning” he’d definitely had it before to do that! Tony Amendola we didn’t get the chance to give it to him on stage but with Rachel Luttrell the organiser Scotty got us up on stage to give Vegemite to her, she tried the tiniest bit on her finger and goes “It’s not too bad”. Rachel also had her sister with her for this trip and during her panel they got up together and sung a song for all of us and it was beautiful.

Following the con, we then had dinner with the guests which was a lot of fun, we had some great chats with them and they were all lovely. One of the other attendees wanted a photo with the Vegemite Girls so we let them, and then everyone kind of started taking photos so we were lucky to be able to get photos with the guests at dinner.

Complete Guest List: Tony Amendola, Rachel Luttrell and David Nykl.

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