RIP Uncle Ken

28 June 2020

Rest Easy Ken

Last week on Thursday, the 18th June, my Uncle Ken passed away. This was not unexpected news, but that never makes losing someone any easier. The only thing is that you can be thankful they are no longer in pain and suffering.

My Uncle Ken

My uncle was one of the strongest people I have ever known. He has such an amazing and strong fighting spirit. Without that spirit I may have never got the chance to know him. He fought a battle for as long as I can remember, and for as long as he could. It brings me comfort to know that he does not have to fight anymore. That his battle is over and he can truly rest.

I may not have seen him as often as I would have liked. I might not have been as close to him as I would have liked. But no matter what we were family and we always knew what was happening with each other. You don’t have to see someone all the time to love them, you just have to know that you are there for each other. I have always loved my Uncle Ken and I will miss him.

Farewells and Funerals

Unfortunately, due to the current Covid restrictions I was unable to attend my Uncle’s funeral. Which is hard as I think for me the funeral is an integral part, it helps to bring my closure. I still have a very important role to play on this day though.

For the first time this year I got to see my Nan, and we were able to sit and watch the livestream of my Uncle’s funeral together. It was an emotional experience as I sat with my Nan and comforted her and she grieved the loss of her eldest son. It was a beautiful service, although not being there it seemed in some ways surreal.

I still feel sad that I could not be there to support my family, to give them comfort in their time of grief. It’s hard for me to not be there physically, but I know that they know I am thinking of them. That I love them. I also know that they would be thankful that I could be with Nan, that she had someone with her and didn’t have to go through that alone.

Rest in Peace Uncle Ken
Your fight is over

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