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23 April 2012

Supanova Melbourne

The next event on the calendar this year was Supanova Melbourne, where I got to see Cliff and Rainbow again. Two fantastic guests who are always good for a laugh and many were had this weekend. Leading up to the event I contacted Gifts for the Geek, I enquired about buying the Rainbow event poster. I wanted to add it to my growing collection of posters, and Rainbow is one of my favourite guests. Plus he was one of the very first guests I ever met, so it’s meaningful.

Photos and Autos

Over the weekend I got two photos, one with Wil Wheaton and the other with Morena Baccarin. I was wearing my Stargate costume for my photo with Morena. I asked her if she would put on my Goa’uld hand device for the photo and she did. She was amazing and lovely, I’m so glad that I got a photo with her. It’s always great when they join in on the photo shenanigans.

When I was getting my photo autographed by Will Wheaton I sarcastically said; “I loved how you got run over but that truck in Criminal Minds”. He responded by telling myself and my friend the story behind the episode and that ending. Originally his character was going to get away, and become a reoccurring bad guy. It’s always good hearing those behind the scenes stories from the actors themselves. That stuff always makes the encounters that much more memorable.

Meeting Dennys

It was at this event that I got the chance to meet Dennys Illic for the first time. He is a very talented photographer who had worked with Amanda and Robin the previous year. When they were both in Melbourne for Armageddon, they did a shoot with him after the event. His photography is absolutely incredible and he is a lovely human being.


The weekend ended with another Gifts for the Geek Aftermath party. Vegemite made an appearance when we found out Cliff had never tried it before. Rainbow still hates the stuff and I love picking on him because of it, we always have a laugh. Rainbow is the one who gave us our original name of Evil Vegemite Girls so it’s only fitting.

As always the aftermath party was great, it’s the best time to have fun with friends. The fact that some of the guests come along just ads to the fun. These nights are a great way to come down and just chill after the event and spend time in good company.

Complete Guest List

Wil Wheaton, Cliff Simon, Rainbow Sun Francks, Morena Baccarin, Oliver & James Phelps, Summer Glau, Jamie Alexander, Edward James Olmos, Gil Gerard, Peter Facinelli, Elisabeth Rohm, Jim Kelly, Chandler Riggs, Richard Horvitz, Scott Kurtz, Kristofer Straub, Brian Michael Bendis, Carlos Pacheco, Brendon Sanderson, Marc McBride, Michael Pryor, K.S. Nikakis, Bevan McGuiness, Alison Croggon, Ian Irvine, Christine Marie Cabanos, Joel Heyman, Cristina Vee, Paul Mason, Brandon Sanderson, Christopher Sequeira, Stewart McKenny, Chamba Cruz and Tom Taylor.

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