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19 September 2017

Wellness Walk

On Sunday I had the opportunity to spend the day at the Wellness Walk and Research Run. An event that raises money for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre. I was there along with over a thousand other supporters, as we ventured of on a 5km walk.

Everyone has been touched by cancer in one way or another, and this event was just one small way of helping. I may not have raised as much as I would have liked, or as much as others, but every bit counts. I’m just glad that I had the opportunity to do my part.

You can visit my donation page to see how I went: Janelle aka Smiley and if you’re feeling generous donations are still accepted until the end of September!

History of Event

This is an annual fun run and walk (5 and 10 km) raising awareness and vital funds for Cancer Research and Wellness programs at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre. An outcome of the event is that it brings together all demographics of the community. As well as showcasing how a University can engage with the wider community, using research and wellness. It has also provided an opportunity for University staff and students to engage in a major University activity. And to get a better understanding of the University’s research work and it’s impact.

The funds raised support cancer research breakthroughs and provide access to world-leading wellness and supportive care programs. Giving patients hope during their cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

At the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre, they are committed to delivering the very best in research, patient care, and world-leading wellness and supportive care programs. They put their patients at the heart of everything they do. This includes focusing on their mind and spirit and not just on their bodies.

This years event was the fifth year it had been held and had the biggest turnout of them all.


This year, the Run and Walk event was held on Sunday 17 September at La Trobe University’s Bundoora campus.  Front and centre at the event was Olivia Newton-John herself, along with other profile ambassadors. Those who came together with the community to remember and support those who lives have been touched by cancer.

The weather on the day was beautiful, it was a lovely sunny day for a walk around the campus. The scenery at this location is lovely on a nice warm day. I might be bias since I am fortunate enough to experience this scenery regularly as I work at the University. However, the atmosphere of this event brought a whole different element to the locations and was fantastic to experience.


I first heard about the event through work, I was asked to join a team of colleagues who would also be participating. Due to a medical issue I haven’t been able to walk a lot lately, so I decided to register to give myself the push to get back walking again. To get right into the spirit of the event I went all out and decked myself up with a T-Shirt and a Cap. Plus brought myself one of those loud clappers, for the noise and some fun. I also brought one of the green and blue ribbon badges.


Before the walk commenced there was live music being played. Then Olivia got up on the stage for a little pre-walk chat. During this time the founders of the gyn franchise Curves got on the stage with Olivia. They presented her with a cheque for a $250,000 donation, which was pretty amazing. The Curves team then got everyone pumped up for the walk with a quick warm up session. Which included a little bit of the famous Nutbush dance.


Olivia started off the walk with everyone following behind. Unfortunately, she was unable to completely the entire walk this year due to her own current cancer battle.

As we made our way around the course there was the perfect moment to pose for some photographs as we passed the Rhinoceros’ statues. They had set up props and everything, we didn’t use any of the props but we did get a nice team photo. And I had to get some photos of myself since I managed to climb up onto the back of one of the Rhino’s. There were also some police officers who were joining the walk and they also got a photo with the Rhino’s. It was a little bit of fun and a great way to break up the walk.

Olivia Newton-John

Even though she was unable to complete the full walk herself, Olivia was still there to cheer everyone on. As we made our way around the track and headed through the campus she was waving and cheering from one of the overhead bridge walkways. She had a clapper in one hand and a bubble gun in the other. It definitely put a smile on my face and I’m sure many others faces as well.

Olivia is an inspiration, she’s a fighter and she has done so much for the cancer community. Almost everyone has been touched by cancer in some way be it themselves, a family member or friend. You have to appreciate and respect the work Olivia has done with her Wellness Centre and the research they do. It’s amazing what one person can do for such a large community. And to see so many people come out on Sunday in support of Olivia and other cancer sufferers or survivours was amazing.

First Time

This was the first time I had ever done anything like this before, walking for a charity and being so involved. It felt amazing and I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to be a part of it. On a personal note, this walk helped me to return to working post medical issues. I used to walk about 10km a day before I had to stop due to suffering plantar fasciitis in both feet. Unfortunately, I am still not 100% but I did manage to walk the 5km without too much pain. So that is a good start and now I’m going to push myself to walk a little bit every day. Hopefully I can join the walk again next year.

Thank you

This post was a little bit different to my usual blog posts, but I wanted to share it because it was a great experience. And there was a celebrity involved after all. This was such a great event to be apart of I just wanted to share it with you. I also want to take a moment to thank all those who sponsored me on this walk, your donations mean a lot and all of the money raised goes to helping this amazing charity.

Thank you again to my supporters and also to Olivia for everything she has done for cancer wellness and research. And for putting together such a great fun event to raise money. I hope to join in the walk again next.

Check out the below News Report on the event:

If you would like to learn more about this event you can visit the website here

You can also read more about the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre here.

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